Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 21 September 2011

A9 TV; 21 September 2011

Surah Ya Sin, 77, 78, 79  

Does not man see that We created him from a drop yet there he is, an open antagonist!

He makes likenesses of Us and forgets his own Creation, saying, ‘Who will give life to bones when they are decayed?’

Say ‘He Who made them in the first place will bring them back to life. He has total knowledge of each created thing;”

The verse again refers to the signs leading to faith, in other words to weakness of faith. This is always described in the Qur’an. Many teachers speak as if they attach little importance to it. Bediüzzaman concentrated particularly on it. The problem people have is belief in Allah and the hereafter. How many verses? Hundreds of verses refer to it.

Surah Sad, 46      

We purified their sincerity  through sincere remembrance of the Abode.”

What does sincere mean? Unsullied. Undiluted. Genuine. Remembrance of the abode (in the hereafter). They think about and remember it. There is an encouragement to think here. And they remember it.  They speak about the hereafter and it is constantly in their minds. Speaking about it is vitally important.

Young people in Azerbaijan must take care over the permanence of the state. There must be a determination regarding that in their hearts. They must support the state. It is important that the state be strong and lasting. May Allah make the Azeri state immortal. To the Day of Reckoning, insha’Allah. Because when Turkish-Islamic Union is established, they will take the form of republics. It is vital for every state and nation to be strong. There may be deficiencies or mistakes in the state. But the state can be repaired, and it must not be torn down. Young people must be on their guard against activities intended to demolish the state, insha’Allah. What does permanence mean? For the state to persist for ever, insha’Allah.

(On the question, “What do you think of atheists?”)

We must feel affection for them. What else? Affection and compassion. I want them to be well. I want them to be happy. If not, we must again show them affection. We must not be enemies. Because that is how Allah has created them, insha’Allah. We must pray for their well-being. That is what we must do, insha’Allah.

Surat al-Ahzab, 3    

And put your trust in Allah. Allah suffices as a Guardian.”

Placing one’s trust in Allah is one of the greatest blessings. Faith and trust in Allah. Once you place your trust in Allah, you are literally flying. Your mind is at ease. You have no palpitations or troubles, you are relaxed and at ease. The body also rejoices – the cells say, “Oh, that feels so much better!” The cells of the body love faith. The cells of the body love Allah. All of them. The cells of the body love submission to Allah, really a lot. They love loving for Allah.

Once you give the cells that, they rejoice and the person becomes really lovely. Younger and fitter. That is what lies at the root of premature aging. A lack of trust in Allah and love. Loving Allah is terribly important. Fearing and trusting in Allah are also highly important. Love is the food of all the cells, and they rejoice. They can survive without food or water, but the cells cannot live without love. They go crazy and become depressed and stressed.


If I had not preached, then many people would be unaware of Islam and the Qur’an.But there are so many now that Christian women and girls are converting to Islam and starting to pray, but I do not talk about that. There are things I say and things I don’t. More than 100 women, masha’Allah. You talk to them and you turn them away from the state, the nation and faith. But I talk to them, and Allah bestows happiness, alhamdulillah.

Israel National News – Live Interview with Hana Levi Julian

The Jews are descended from the Prophet Abraham (pbuh). We love you very much. Israel will remain there until the Day of Reckoning. You will live in happiness, beauty and goodness. And there will be no war. Turkey will never go to war with Israel. It will maintain that friendship and brotherhood forever, you will see. You can always hear words like this. They used to say that Greece and Turkey would go to war, or that it would go to war with other countries. One always hears that kind of talk. But it will never happen in practice. You can rest easy on that. Young Israelis and Palestinians and Turks will embrace one another and be friends and brothers. We are in the time of Mashiach, of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). We are in a good and auspicious time. The time described in the Torah. The age of the King Messiah awaited for the last 3000 years has begun. From now on, neither Israel will suffer, nor Turkey, nor Palestine. Satan’s life is now at an end. From now on, there will be peace and brotherhood. You will see that everything I am saying comes true. Everything I have said so far has come true. And you will see that this comes true, as well.

There have always been people calling for hatred of the line of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh). And those who hate the Prophet Moses (pbuh).  But truth has always won out. We will not permit the innocent to be persecuted. Love, affection, friendship and brotherhood rule the soul of the Turkish nation. All Anatolian people are like that. All the people of Istanbul. Go to Izmir and they are like that there. All that will come out of Turkey is its love for you. The people who harbor hatred toward you are just one in a thousand. They are irrelevant. The vast majority love you. And Turkey is your friend. The Turkish nation is your friend. Do not have the slightest doubt about that. Indeed, come here. I have already invited you. There are rabbis who will be coming. You can come too, if you wish. I would be honored and delighted. We can walk the lovely streets of Istanbul together and ask people whether or not they love the people of Israel. Everyone will say they do. Do not be uneasy over nothing. Relax. There will be no war and no tension of that kind. These words are but temporary. Everything will improve in time. There will be Turkish-Islamic Union, you know. Israel will also be within the Turkish-Islamic Union, as an independent state. We will live well as friends and brothers. Great days await us. That is what will happen. And satan no longer has any room for maneuver.

The nation knows Mr. Erdoğan. I know him, too. We have never met, but I know him. Believe me, he is a most affectionate person. He would not hurt a fly. I guarantee it. You will enjoy an honored place within the Turkish-Islamic Union. You will lead good and happy lives. Trust in Allah, in Mashiach, in Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). The days that Allah promises in the Torah have begun. You will leave in peace and security in the whole region. Palestine will also live at ease, as will you. We will embrace you with love. No Muslim can sign up to any oppression of that kind. Radicals have always been very few in number. By which I mean those who favor bloodshed and violence. Our nation has always been peaceful and loving. It harbors secular and Kemalist ways of thinking. It has an enlightened conception of Islam. The Turkish nation is opposed to extremism.

A radar base is being set up in Turkey. Do you know what the most important feature of that radar base is? To protect Israel from nuclear attack and to act as an early warning system. That evidence should be enough for you.

This is a NATO facility. Both Turkey and NATO. It is against a potential attack on any country. Not just Turkey. An attack on Turkey or any of its neighbors. It is an early warning system for whatever country is attacked and will destroy the rockets in mid-air. It is a system set up to destroy them in flight. I can give you the technical details. But everyone knows that. This is clear proof of Turkey’s friendship toward you. So you can relax. We love all our neighbors. With all our hearts. We love Armenia, too, and Azerbaijan and all of you. We are filled with love, so you can relax.

The Torah and the Qur’an always speak of peace. And we will not permit anything else. My greetings to all Israelis and all Palestinians. My love to you all. My love to Christians, Jews, Muslims and everyone.

2011-10-24 10:15:44

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