Surat at-Tin (There is something in the region of Sinai, the region of olives)

Surat at-Tin

 “By the fig and the oliveand Mount Sinaiand this safe land,We created

man in the finest mold. Then We reduced him to the lowest of the low

Allah swears on the fig and olive. The first meaning is clear. But it is not all; there is a lesson that relates to life here. I mention that wisdom and the signs that the Qur’an shows. For instance, “By the fig and the olive”; the mountain of Olive; it is a place where Prophet Jesus (as) carried out his activities in Israel. Then there is a mention of Mount Sinai. This means that something will happen in that region; there is something in the region of Sinai, the region of olives. Attention is also drawn to the fact that some of the beneficial features of figs and olives are spoken of. For instance, olives, and olive oil are the most beneficial oil for the human body. It is the most ideal oil. It is perfect in terms of the ratio of saturated and unsaturated oil acids and its content of Omega 3. It is perfect in terms of other Omega acids, and it is the oil that is created with the most perfect balance. There is also mention of it. For instance, the  fig is also a very beneficial fruit. Some of them are known while some of them are still unknown. But there is also reference to a certain area and  Mount Sinai.

“and this safe land”

When we say the “safe land”, we can consider it to refer to Medina when we think in terms of the time of our Prophet (saas). Mecca and Medina. But when we think in terms of the End Times, the “safe land”, with respect to faith, is Istanbul and Turkey. It refers to it. This is an interpretation, a sign. And in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as) lands will be safe. How do we understand that? From the hadith. All lands will be safe. The lands of Islam will be safe. This is how the verse is interpreted in terms of the End Times.

“We created man in the finest mold”     

With the golden ratio. Allah draws attention to the golden ratio. Human beings are created in the most beautiful form. This is a miracle. The placement of the  of eyes, forehead, lips are perfect. Shifting their places to the right or left a few millimeters ruins it. Because Allah creates them with golden ratio and that is a miracle of aesthetics.

“Then We reduced him to the lowest of the low”

The fact that human beings can become prone to dajjal. Allah relates that while he (man) was healthy in his soul and body, he can also turn to dajjal and satan and fall into a very abject situation and come to the level of satan. What is “lowest of the low”? It  is the well of Gayya in Hell. The lowest degree. It is the region where hypocrites and satan is thrown. The verse also refers to it.

 “except for those who have faith and do right actions:they will have a wage which never fails”

So we understand that the most important thing is to have “faith”. The signs leading to faith. That is to say, having faith comes  before having knowledge of Islamic law. So we need to first be mindful of one having faith. The signs leading to faith, faith based on knowledge. Then for a Muslim, it is primarily of importance to have faith. “Except for those who have faith”; he will first have faith, he will see the signs leading to faith, observe the artistry of Allah, see for himself the fallacy of darwinism and materialism, and examine all the wonders Allah creates in the universe. He will examine the structure of atoms, electrons, protons, the structure of the atom, chromosomes, the golden ratio, plants, flowers, the structure of the brain, the miracles of the Qur’an and have a profound faith. So faith comes first; after having faith, engaging in good deeds. Because he has faith, he become sincere. The second stage is to be sincere. After sincerity comes the good deeds. In this phase, one can start to have the knowledge of Islamic law. First faith, then sincerity, to be very sincere and then the Islamic law. That is to say, the lawful and the unlawful deeds. “they will have a wage which never fails” Allah states that He will give everlasting rewards.

“What could make you deny the Reckoning after this?

Darwinism, materialism, the system of dajjal. Allah draws attention to this. That means that there will be those dajjals who will make people deny the religion. In the End Times what is the greatest blasphemy of the history of the world? What is the unprecedented blasphemy? According to the hadith related by Muslim and other authentic hadith books, it is Darwinism and materialism, that is to say, the system of dajjal that has rendered all the world irreligious.

“What could make you deny the Reckoning?”

Darwinism makes one deny the Reckoning. Let’s say by 99.99 percent; This is what His Highness Muhammed Rashid Erol tells, it is Darwinism, materialism that makes 999 people out of 1,000  irreligious.

“Is Allah not the Justest of Judges?”

There are many people and states commanding the world. But Allah says,” I am over them all.” Thus the real dominion is the dominion of Allah. This means that the entire world must act in compliance with the Qur’an, and the provisions and morality of Allah must prevail all over the world. When we refer to Surat at-Tin, we see this point while considering its interpretation that relates to its application to real life. Its denotation is already apparent; when we read the Qur’an we already understand it. But what I speak of is the one aspect that applies to  real life. I interpret it in a manner that has not been done before. All these are true; these are the firsthand interpretations. I do not make any preliminary study for it. I say whatever Allah inspires to my heart at that moment. This is my general method. I make unprecedented interpretations. And they are all true.

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