Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 25 September 2011


A9 TV; 25 September 2011

(About reports of reactions in Iran against the radar system to be set up in Turkey)

But those false beliefs represent a danger. That is the truth of it. North  Korea is also a threat; but that false belief in Iran is a danger, as well. Because it is so wrong to say that a person lived as a phantom for a thousand years or so and that they then have to obey him. That constitutes a danger. Of course, everyone will take precautions. Not just Turkey, but everyone. It is a serious threat.

The Turks are a fine nation. Moral and valiant. We are honored, insha’Allah. Circassians and Laz people and Kurds are all Turks, insha’Allah. Everyone who lives in Turkey and says “I am a Turk,” is a Turk, insha’Allah.

It is impossible without the way of the Mahdi, there can be no peace for them any other way. They will inevitably suffer and be unhappy. Allah will not allow Himself to be challenged (may He forbid). I mean, they cannot do it. That is destiny. There can be no salvation apart from Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). It is he who will defeat satan and the way of the dajjal [antichrist]. He and his followers. Results can be obtained when people follow him. Otherwise, there will be a huge struggle against the dajjal, but no results. Because the dajjal is not a creature that can easily be defeated. Allah’s help is needed, insha’Allah.

Turkey will suffer much and experience many difficulties.There will be tensions, and various things like that. Then you will look and see Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). Then you will see a huge turning to Islam in the Christian world. You will realize that Jesus the Messiah (pbuh) has come. You will not see that fine one before that. But then he will appear in all his majesty, together with his followers. Mankind will see a light. They will see a human being, insha’Allah.

A person cannot be normally rational without the Qur’an. In other words, acceptable intelligence comes from the Qur’an.One that is forgiving, logical, balanced, encouraging, helpful and capable of self-control … I mean, what is the ideal human being? The Qur’an describes him. People are intelligent thanks to the Qur’an. Without it, they lose balance. The world’s balance has been impaired, as you can see.

All animals are punctilious about cleanliness. That is a great miracle. Even a grasshopper keeps itself clean. I look at insects, and they are always grooming themselves. Cats groom themselves, and everything else does, masha’Allah. It is amazing how Allah has imposed cleanliness on them. Allah has inspired them, masha’Allah.

It is a miracle how Hazrat Mahdi (as) was foretold 3000 years ago in the Torah. Because only one single moment exists in the Sight of Allah. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) has long since been born in the Sight of Allah. Jesus the Messiah (pbuh) has long since been born, grown up and died. That goes for everyone. Everything is over with. Eternal life, in the broadest sense, in the finest sense, has already come to an end in the Sight of Allah, insha’Allah.

Egypt, Jordan and Syria were all in the hands of unbelievers. Palestine was once in communist hands. Israel crushed them. They were shattered, pounded into dust and rubble. They turned Egypt into rubble.  The Egyptian Army was irreligious. The great majority of them were irreligious. They did not knew Allah nor the Holy Book. They were under the influence of the dajjal. Syria is still under the influence of the dajjal. It is communist. The majority of them don’t know Allah nor the Holy Book. But the Turkish Army is devout. Look, nobody can throw their weight around. It is all a matter of religious belief, having faith in Allah and the Book. An irreligious army will be defeated. An army that does not recognize Allah or the Holy Book will be defeated, collapse, devastated and have to beg for mercy. It will lose the means to fight, its heroism and valor. It will no longer be self-sacrificing or loyal. It will become cowardly and start trembling when the enemy appears in sight. The Turkish Army is the most valorous one in the region. The Iranian Army is also relatively good, since it has religious faith, insha’Allah.

 “Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will not have the time or circumstances with which to do this work himself.” He will not have the time, and his spiritual state will also make it impossible. This is a secret. For example, Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will be tongue-tied from time to time. That is a secret between him and Allah. People will realize it subsequently. He says that it will be impossible in terms of his lacking the time and the conditions. “A group of people before him…” In other words, all kinds of intellectual activity on their part against those European scientists with their Darwinism and materialism. They will take flour and butter and sugar and make a cake. Flour is meaningless on its own. Butter is meaningless on its own. Sugar is meaningless on its own. But put them together, in an appropriate manner, and you can make a cake. That is what Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will do.

The Mahdi is very practical and valorous. He will take the weapons used by disbelief, by the Christians and by the Jews, and weld them together to form a perfect weapon that will blast Darwinism and materialism apart. That is what Bediüzzaman describes.

The Prophet Moses (pbuh) had a very particular condition. He came to Pharaoh, and his chest tightened, his blood pressure rose and he experienced palpitations. He wished to speak, but was unable to because of his excitement. There are some people who become tongue-tied as they speak. Lots of people are unable to speak from excitement. We see that on the television and in films. The Prophet Moses (pbuh) had that attractive quality, he became tongue-tied. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will also become tongue-tied. “O Lord, give me my brother Aaron as a helper,” he says. Then they go and stand up to Pharaoh. The Prophet Moses (pbuh) challenges him, but suddenly becomes overexcited as he speaks. He becomes tongue-tied. At which his brother Aaron (pbuh) takes over. He starts speaking in his place. As Aaron speaks, the Prophet Moses (pbuh) recovers and starts speaking again. And again he becomes tongue-tied and Aaron has to take over again.

There are constant miracles on the way of the Mahdi. Allah works miracles. It is as if we were in the time of the Prophet Moses (pbuh). Allah keeps working miracles. Nine miracles took place then, and the same nine miracles are happening with Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), one after the other. The closure of the Kaaba. Stopping the hajj at the Kaaba is the first miracle. Allah produced a miracle there. Eclipses of the Sun and Moon 15 days apart is a miracle. The appearance of two tailed comets one after the other is a miracle. An army vanishing in the desert is a miracle. The occupation of Afghanistan is a miracle. Iraq being invaded by a number of countries is a miracle. Because they all happened at the same time. There were plagues of insects and locusts in Egypt, one after the other, in the time of the Prophet Moses (pbuh). And it is a miracle how they happened after the Prophet Moses’ (pbuh) prayer. Otherwise, there is nothing particularly extraordinary about them. They may happen from time to time. But the way they happened one after the other following his prayer is a miracle. The plague of locusts, or the way they became covered in boils. Boils may appear at any time, but these nine miracles all took place right after he prayed. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will also have nine miracles, but people will be unaware of it, many people will fail to realize. Allah is working miracles one after the other, as in the time of the Prophet Moses (pbuh). The earth has moved. Allah has produced this economic crisis. That is a separate miracle. Its cause is unknown to people. They have been unable to find a technical solution to it. They do not know its cause. Europe cannot solve it. All of Europe has combined together and pooled their money. “Let us print money,” they say. But that does not work. So they wonder what to do next. “It will last for another year,” they said. But I said, “The crisis will last for seven years, not one.” They rejected that then the IMF issued an official statement. But I was the source of that. Go and ask the IMF where they got the idea of seven years from. “Adnan hodja said,” they will say. What else can they say? They have no other sources of reference. I told them.

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