Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 29 September 2011


A9 TV; 29 September 2011

The true nature of matter is one of the most important proofs to be set out against materialism. Lenin was terrified when he heard about this and the truth dawned on him. “Don’t go into this with creationists, or you will sink out of sight. You will be unable to do anything. They will have you for breakfast,” he says. It is the subject that most alarmed Lenin. The truth about matter is what most alarms Marxists. The way matter is perceived in the brain. Because we see a boundless world in a space no bigger than a lentil. We live in that infinite world. That is something Marxism and Leninism can never account for. The soul. Who watches it, in full color? Who hears sound? Who feels sensations of touch? This is one of the most important subjects that hurts Leninism and Marxism and spells their collapse. One is the Big Bang, this is the second and the collapse of Darwinism is the third. They have turned to jelly in the face of these three. It emerged with the Big Bang that time had a beginning, that matter had a beginning. That was really hard for them. That was one blow to them. Second was the truth about matter, the soul. Because they cannot account for the soul. There is someone doing the seeing.

People know about color. There is something called light. That light is perceived. Light forms within the brain. There is no color and light on the outside. That is something that cannot be explained scientifically. Because it is super-metaphysical. It cannot be explained. It is not a matter for laboratories. It is not something that can be investigated. Because one cannot enter the human brain. Hearing sound, for example. We hear sound far more clearly than even the highest quality music system. The image in our brains is far sharper and better quality than even the highest quality television or cinema. This image-perception machine consists of just two grams of flesh. Even the best quality image on television is still blurred. And two-dimensional. They have not yet made it three-dimensional. Even if they do, it will call for thousands of bits of equipment. Thousands of engineers are working on it, but they still have not managed it. And when they do, only the image appears. But who sees that image?

That is a separate question. It is impossible to make the entity that sees the image. It is impossible to make the soul. There is also that which sees the image. Allah has created both the image and the seer. And the image is three-dimensional and so much better quality than even the best television or cinema. It is so high quality and three-dimensional that people cannot tell whether it is real or a fantasy. Who can now say that this image of mine on the television now is a fantasy? “How far away is the television?” you ask. “Two meters away.” But we watch the television in our heads. Most people are unaware of that fact. Some people only have a partial understanding of that important fact. While others grasp it in detail. And some pretend not to understand. That affects those who do understand well. It is a most glorious thing. Something very profound. People will begin to understand this secret after around 2012. It refers to the Day of Reckoning. They will see the truth about matter, insha’Allah.

2011-10-29 20:58:27

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