Setting forth the final opinion about Cyprus

What He Said?What Happened?

Kordon TV,  July 27th, 2008

Adnan Oktar: Turkey must assert its role as  an elder brother and thus become  a leader…It is a country of scrupulous people.  They go to Bosnia they are loved, in Somalia they are loved, people show them respect. People of Afghanistan love and respect them very much. There is something substantial here.That means the entire  Middle East and the Islamic World loves the Turkish Army and the Turkish public. That means they want Turkey to be the elder brother. Therefore Turkey has to appear at this point and fulfill this duty, both in the Islamic countries and the Turkic states…


Ekin TV,  February 2nd, 2009

Adnan Oktar: Allah protects the one who is brave, just and wise. This nation is brave, just and wise and will do what is necessary.These courageous and stouthearted leaps forward will carry on, and Turkey will defend Turkish-Islamic Union in the more undaunted and straight out manner; you will see that. Turkey will face up to pay the price for it and intrepidly express this. 

Power belongs to Allah. There is no other power but Allah. Allah gives trouble to the one who fears. Allah protects the one who is brave. A Muslim is responsible for being courageous. So, courage will follow courage. The boldness of Turkish -Islamic Union will take shape. This mood of being brave does not mean to have a confrontational  style but a manner  of feeling love, mercy, and compassion. We will come up with a system that involves Armenia and Israel, protects the Orthodox Christians, embraces all the Christians, and all the Jews, Insha’Allah.

Yeni Akit,  July 20th, 2011

Turkish Prime Minister Mr. Erdogan stated that the conditions of the Annan Plan have been changed in Cyprus and decisively said: “We will neither withdraw our soldiers nor give up Maras city.” Mr. Erdogan also warned EU executives saying, “If the EU Term Presidency of  Southern Cyprus  comes into question, the relationships will freeze.”

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