Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 18 October 2011

A9 TV; 18 October 2011

Muslims have a responsibility to help those in trouble. I am an affectionate and compassionate person. I will try to help someone in difficulties if I can. But I cannot help the whole world, of course. That is obvious. I can only do so much. But I will do that, too, by Allah’s leave. If Allah so wishes, it will happen. But the things that one person can do are obvious, insha’Allah. But anything can happen if Allah so wishes. Global dominion can happen too, insha’Allah. And as followers of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) we wish to render good service in that global dominion, insha’Allah.

The Prophet Abraham’s (pbuh) home was a place of refuge. Rasulullah’s (pbuh) home was a place of refuge. The Prophet Noah’s (pbuh) ark was a place of refuge. Bediuzzaman and Imam Rabbani’s homes were places of refuge. And where I am is a place of refuge. Where Muslims are is also a place of refuge. The homes of good, honest people are places of refuge. Of course Muslims will take shelter in them.What else can they do? Of course they will take refuge with good, honest people who fear Allah. That has been so since the dawn of history, and will always be so. Why did Muslims shelter on Noah’s Ark? Why did everyone come to the Prophet Abraham (pbuh)? Why did everyone shelter with the Prophet Joseph (pbuh), including even his own brothers? They were his enemies, but they still sought refuge with the Prophet Joseph (pbuh). Why did the Prophet Joseph (pbuh) take them in and protect them? Persecuted and oppressed people came to the Prophet Moses (pbuh) from Abyssinia. And he protected them all. Where he was, was a place of refuge. And where Muslims are, will of course be places of refuge. Wherever there are good, honest, fine and patriotic people, these are places of refuge. And that is a religious obligation. Allah’s commandment.

Human beings seek peace and repose. That is human nature. We are created for love and peace. People go wherever they will find peace and love.

The truth of the matter is that the way I talk to pretty women, live a pleasant life, and strong and healthy, am joyful and powerful, the way that Allah instills a deep and powerful love in my heart, and the way that other people have a powerful love for me, is all terribly upsetting to wretched and dried-up types. “We never knew there could be this much love, like paradise. We never knew,” they say. “But I do not experience it,” they say. No, not even if they want to. They give their money to a woman and say, “Love me.” But when she sees that money the woman loathes him even more. “I will buy you a car,” he says, and she detests him even further. Passion and love are something else. Loving with love of Allah is something totally different. Allah gives that love to those who love Him. They have begun to see what love and passion are for the first time, and have gone crazy. It has amazed them. Someone may have billions, a fortune, and be good-looking and everything. And he is young. But he has no love. He has a horrible, cursed wife, and he swears at her and she at him. There is a perfect hatred there. She looks at him like he is dirt on her shoe. And he looks at her like she is dirt on his shoe. But when they see the passion in you, it burns them up. It burns them to see profound love.

Love and passion are lovely things. There are hundreds of people who love me. And they love me like crazy, and I love them like crazy. Because we all love Allah. We love Allah with a passion.

Their analysis is totally primitive; “they must have hypnotized him, or put something in his tea,” they say. Or “They have must have mixed some powder or other into his jam.” If something has been put in my tea or jam, you try and do it and see how you get on. Powders do not dissolve properly in tea. This is the work of love, of faith, passion for Allah. But people become delightful when they abide by the Qur’an. They become real human beings. They become perfect human beings. They become intoxicated by the depths of their love and passion. This is a delightful aspect of Islam. Allah says He will give us the most delightful lives in the hereafter. Allah tells that to believers. And this is a manifestation of that, insha’Allah. There are numerous experts. Go and try and see how you get on with hypnosis?

Both men and women were passionately in love with our Prophet (pbuh). Our Prophet (pbuh) was loved by women with a passion, and by men with a profound passion. Love has more than one aspect. Do I say, “Only women loved our Prophet (pbuh), and not men”? We love the Prophet Abraham (pbuh) and the Prophet Moses (pbuh) and all of them with a crazy love. One cannot say, “Only women are to be loved.” Bediüzzaman Said Nursi, for whom I would lay down my life without thinking… if he were alive, you would have seen me. Would I have allowed such behavior or insults in his regard? I would have brought the roof down, by Allah’s leave. I love our Prophet (pbuh) with a mad passion. I love the prophets Joseph (pbuh), Ilyas (pbuh), Isaac (pbuh), Jacob (pbuh) and Ishmael (pbuh) with a profound passion. Just so everyone knows.

2011-11-03 11:23:18

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