Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 12 October 2011


A9 TV; October 12th, 2011 

(Regarding Milliyet daily’s Internet Site’s News report about Evolution quoted from BBC)

My poor guys. They have become such a laughing stock. What else shall I say to them? Look at the style they employ; look at the devastation they are in. They make headlines such as, “Our forefathers were mice”, “Our forefathers were microbes”, “They became athletes as they leaped over and over again.” First of all, how do you explain how that protein came into being? You say, “Aliens  made it.” “Aliens”; so that is the end of the story. Do you have any other thing to say? We ask, “How did the protein come into being?” They answer, “Aliens.” Was it also the aliens who made the fish leap?  You are still unable to bring an explanation for how the protein came into being. For a single protein to come into being, there is need for the existence of another protein. What does this mean? The theory of evolution is a lie, it is not true. If evolution were true, it would be me who would first embrace it. I would advocate it fiercely, but it is not true. We would speak out and say, “Allah created through evolution.” But it is non-existent. It is a sheer hoax and an inconceivable plot. First of all, a person sees an image within his brain. You can not give an account of it. Someone hears a voice within his brain, and hears the electricity as a sound. 

Notice that there is someone who hears the sound. That is to say, there is another body outside the body. There is a body that you can not give an account of; an invisible body. You speak of flesh and bones. You can never give an account of the body that is living. There is a body that thinks, hears the voice, sees the image and senses the sensation of touching. The actual body is that body. You can not give an account of flesh and bones. It is the actual body, the actual human being. While you are still unable to explain the flesh and bones, how will you give an account of the body? They can not explain the actual body. We ask, “Who sees the actual image?” No answer. “Who hears the voice?” No answer. We ask, “Who perceives the sense?” No answer. They ask Lenin about this issue. He says, “Never think about this issue, otherwise you will get drowned.” “Neither materialism, nor dialectical philosophy, nor another thing remains.” he says. Do not think about this issue, do not think about that issue; so what else remains to think about? They have the mindset of avoidance from issues. They must abandon this “literature of leaping”. They can not  still give an account of protein and there are more than 350 million fossils proving  Creation. I said, “Let them bring a single fossil that proves evolution in any way. I will give away trillions of lira to them.” I also added, “ I also accept its photograph.” I swear to Allah that I will award the money but you also can not even bring the photograph. It is an utter lie, a hoax. They should not jump around for no reason. Their mentor came up and said, “It is the aliens who made the protein.” He said, “A great intelligence made the protein but let’s not call it Allah, that would be disturbing.” But he says, “A great intelligence.” What you call “high intelligence” is “Allah.” What is infinite intelligence? He has finally come to this point, masha’Allah. He says he believes in Allah, but our Atlas of Creation dropped on his head like the brick of a skyscraper. He says, “If the Darwinist mindset were to prevail, we would have been ruined, it would be so bad.” What kind of a mindset is this? He says that he supports Darwinism, and then adds that Darwinism would devastate the Earth.


Human beings are like flowers. Think of a violet; it blossoms; it has amazing colors. It has a texture like velvet and a very bright appearance. Ten days later we look and see that it has wilted and turned  pitch black. Such is a human being. A very beautiful being is all of a sudden buried in a grave. A handful of bones, a skull, a few bones of limbs; that is it. This is how the life of this world is. But the life of the Hereafter is infinite. It has no limits; quadrillions of years pass by; multiply it by another quadrillions of years, the endless life is still unlimited. But this life has an end.

Surat at-Tur

That is to say, Allah says, “Or do they desire to dupe you?“Do they want to hatch a plot?” “But the duped ones are those who are disbelievers.”Allah says that they will themselves be trapped in their own ruses. Hypocrites are also trapped in the ruse that they have themselves devised.“If they saw a lump of heaven falling down, they would just say, ‘Banked-up clouds!’” Allah says that they employ a derisive style and consider it to be insignificant. “Leave them then until they meet their Day when they will be struck down by the Blast.” Allah says that we should leave them to their own stance until the Day of Judgment.What is the number of the verse? The 45th.Whendid Bediuzzaman say that the Day of Judgment would come? In Hijri 1545 (2120 Gregorian Calendar).“The Day their ploys will not profit them at all  and they will not be helped.Let’s see them stop it if they can by using missiles or whatever they have in their hands. Moreover, at that age, no missile will remain. They will fall into an inconceivable misery of communism, an incomprehensible debacle. They will first become communists, then their lives will be a mess and they will be devastated  in a great mess. All houses will stink. They will ravage everywhere and each and every  day they will commit murders. Our Prophet (saas) says, “They will have sexual intercourse in the streets like animals.” People will beat one another, threaten one another, kill one another. There will be plunder and rape everywhere. There will be an inconceivable mess. It will be very bad, and then the Day of Judgment will come right upon them. 

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