Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 16 October 2011


A9 TV;  October 16th, 2011

In the past Muslims remained weak and were oppressed due to some ignorant preachers who told of superstitions. But now there is a very concerted movement that silences disbelief by means of science and philosophy. Now Muslims are able to debate  disbelievers with pride and in the same manner speak of  whatever they want. In the past, they remained disabled in this obscurantist mindset because a Muslim feels a respective shame for each and every  superstition. How can a Muslim ever dare to speak of  them? Each and every superstition was a deadlock itself, each and every  superstition was a matter of humiliation and each and every superstition was a no-way-out. But because we have eliminated these superstitions and we have revealed rationalism, the facts of the Qur’an and the hadith, Muslims have started to speak about  everything with ease.

In every corner of the world we carry out a tremendously effective, splendidly beautiful and beneficial work, masha’Allah. The heavens and earth are cracking up. Every person who has learned from us turns into an atom bomb in the scientific sense. He simply takes that city under his sway. Even a person with whom we have a few-hours discourse attains the power that can enlighten a whole city and put an end to the system of the dajjal (anti-Christ) in intellectual terms. This is so fine because there is no superstition while there is rationalism, sincerity and satisfactory information. At the end of the day, we accomplish very good results, masha’Allah.

Because my love is for Allah’s good pleasure, it is seated on very sound grounds. In my mind, I make these grounds very clear.In my case, compassion, respect and appreciation flourish in line with love.This aside, when I love, I love for a lifetime; that is to say, my love is not temporary. Mine is a love that strengthens very steadily and flourishes on good grounds. Ifeed the grounds of my love very well. For instance, I steadily make an assessment in my mind and make those grounds more solid by considering the reasons of my love. I also do not take any steps backward.For instance, I erase any unfavorable incident from my memory right at that moment; I simply avoid thinking over it.I do not let anything remain that will tarnish my love. If there is something wrong, I am not offended or get angry; I correct it and then go on loving.I do not allow  acts that will harm my love. That is why I have a love that is very consistent, resolute, strong and progressive.

A family with moral perfection is blessed. The phrase, “Every family is blessed” is not true. There are those imposters, those who try to push their daughters into illegitimate acts, those who try to reap benefits from them. There are those parents who are the members of the terror organization (PKK), those who push their daughters into immoral acts, into drugs. We can not call these parents to be “blessed”.  They are simply immoral. Not every mother or father is blessed. We call only those parents of sound mind who are pious, respectful to ideas and faiths as blessed parents Insha’Allah.

There is no severity in Islam. A Muslim forgives but a father rapes his daughter and there are thousands, tens of thousands of cases. An uncle or a brother attempts to rape. One finds a reason to stab his wife or to throw nitric acid to her face. They say, “That family is blessed; do not say anything.” So what is blessed about it? A blessed family pays meticulous attention to his religion, faith, morality; they are full of love and they are democratic and loveable. They do not intervene in people’s opinions; they have respect and love for people. He loves a human being only because he is a human being; for Allah’s good pleasure. These are the people who we call a blessed mother or a blessed father. 

2011-11-08 12:20:32

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