Rabbi Rafael Feurstein commenting about the times of Moshiach on A9 TV

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's live conversation with the leading Rabbis from Israel on A9 TV, October 10th, 2011

ADNAN OKTAR:  What are your opinions about the Turkish-Islamic Union in this respect?

RABBI RAFAEL FEURSTEIN:We are, first of all very honored to be here. To hear those peaceful words which are coming from your sources, from your holy books and to see such a leader like you, talking peace, dreaming all Moshiach times in such dark world which we are today, with so many evil things which happen, that is fresh air, that is the light of the sun in the dark night. And that is for us Rabbis, Jewish leaders from Israel- Rabbi Drukman is the main leader, and we... that is a blessing and we thank you for the ability and the honor to be here and to listen from you. In our holy sources, in the Bible, you are right. You've mentioned so many many paragraphs which talk about Moshiach times, which will be peaceful, no wars, to take the weapons and make the metal from the weapons, from the swords and to make from them agricultural tools, that's our dream. That the wolf will play with the child, with the sheep. And as we mentioned, the child will put his hand on the hole of the snake, no fear, no blood. That's we share the dream, we share the vision, we are together, brothers.

ADNAN OKTAR: Masha'Allah, Masha'Allah.

RABBI RAFAEL FEURSTEIN:And for us, our Rabbi Moshe ben-Maimon, Rabbi Maimonides, he said from the Jewish point of view, from the Bible point of view, from the Torah point of view, he said the Islam and the Christianity will bring the world to the belief in One God [which] are the steps of Messiah. So that is the point where we are and we share... We as Jewish leaders and from our sources it is not clear how will it be organized. We know as Mr. Oktar said that it will be independent Jewish life, and there will be independent countries and religions surrounding it, working together everyone in his way for the One God. That is the way we believe and we look for. And we know that when Messiah will come, he will organize the world, how will he organize the world, it is a mystery, we do not know. We cannot say this way and that way. We know to bring the Jews to the country, as you've said, it touches us... We are holocaust survivors and you touched our hearts. You've touched our hearts with your deep and deep and humane and religious words. How will it be, what will be the way, what will be the political power? We do not know for us. We try to learn it in our sources, it's a mystery. He will decide. The Messiah as the Messenger, the Ambassador for the world will decide how to organize the world. We do not know exactly but we know one thing: The Messiah will bring us to live together to bring morality to the world, love to the world, a happiness to the world just as you've said in the best way.

2011-11-12 22:33:24

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