Christian author Joel Richardson asks Mr. Adnan Oktar about the Israeli Rabbis' support for the Turkish Islamic Union

Istanbul, 22 June 2009

JOEL RICHARDSON:  Final question: I was also fascinated to learn that you have been in dialogue with the Sanhedrin Rabbis of Jerusalem, of Israel. That you have been in contact with Rabbi Menachem Froman. And that you have a very warm relationship with these Rabbis and that they seem to be endorsing and commanding your call for a Turkish led Islamic union. Could you tell us a little bit about that? I was also interested to learn just before I came that this very influential Rabbi Menachem Froman had spoken with George Mitchel the Middle East envoy from the Obama administration and that he had personally appealed to Mr. Mitchel to utilize you as a significant peace negotiator for the Middle East. Would you be willing to share a few of those things? And then I will allow you to be released for the evening.

ADNAN OKTAR:  Israel’s present position is not that comfortable, they are not comfortable there. Neither the Palestinians nor our Jewish brothers are comfortable there. Yet both are descended from the same line, from the line of Prophet Ibrahim. They are all the children of the Prophet Ibrahim. Of course our hearts want them all to live happily there. For example, there are huge walls in Israel, everywhere is surrounded by walls and they have imprisoned themselves behind them. Our hope is that those walls will come down in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as). We hope that the region will open up and be at ease. And to let them live anywhere they like, let them, our Jewish and Christian brothers, to come to Jordan, to Turkey and come and live peacefully and happily in Turkey. Rather than squeezing them into a tiny space. The Armenians for instance, they are being squeezed into a very small country; let the borders be opened up and let them come to Turkey, as they are our brothers. Let us embrace them and let them live as they wish and be free, that is what we wish. Of course the Rabbis love me, that is the truth. They do love me a lot. They regard me as a good Muslim, as a good Muslim leader. But I do not regard myself as a future leader of the region in that sense, not as a Muslim leader with such a mission. I mean I do not have such a direction. However there are many people who can assume that leadership. Very worthy people. There are many people raised by Turkey. I can act as their advisor or even assistant, it could work like that, but we have many highly qualified people in Turkey who can serve as leader. Insha’Allah they will assume that task. Turkey will be the leader and my ideas will be the same as always, and I will contribute with my books and activities, insha’Allah.

In other words, I will never accept any political role, but if spiritual support or service is needed I will happily provide it. That is the purpose of my life, and I will do it even if they do not want me. However they love me and I love them back, to say the truth I have a profound affection for them. We have also Christian brothers here and I love them, too. There are Orthodox and Catholics and Evangelicals, and we sometimes dine together, and I love them very deeply. They are entrusted to us by Allah, so there is no reason for us not to love them. Of course we will love them. 

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