Mr. Adnan Oktar replies the Israeli journalist Ms. Hana Levi's question

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9 TV dated March 13th , 2012

ADNAN OKTAR: Israeli journalist Ms. Hana Levi's question: "I read a passage in the document, An Important Statement, posted on Facebook and online this week, that gave me cause for concern, and that I believe Mr. Oktar would do well to clarify in concrete terms."

Well the fact is everyone gets offended from everything that is said and they can only feel relieved when clarified.

[The passage is as follows;]  'Mr. Oktar's television programs and works are instrumental in people from (sic) many walks of life adopting Islam and living by the True Religion. University students with no previous knowledge of Islam, atheists, Darwinists, people holding Christian or Judaic beliefs, people with no religious knowledge who had never received any such instruction from their families, people holding communist and Marxist views, in short, people from all sections of society have become sincere Muslims.. By Allah's leave, the number of people who come to Islam and grow in faith thanks to Mr. Oktar will grow even further in the future.'

My two questions to Mr. Oktar are as follows, given the above:

1. Does he then equate Jews and Christians with "atheists, Darwinists, people with no religious knowledge who had never received any such instruction from their families, and people holding communist and Marxist views" seeing as he has included them together in that list?" 

That is out of the question. They are different in the Qur'an. The People of the Book are one thing and the idolaters another and the Godless and bookless another. But there is no need to say explicitly that I differentiate between these people, that they are different when I speak. The matter is a well-known one. We all know that Christians and Jews believe in Allah and that atheists do not. Everyone knows that.

[reading the second question] "2. Seeing as he has referred to the above list as all those who then have subsequently been brought to "become sincere Muslims" as a result of watching his A9 program, is it his intent to guide Jewish and Christian viewers toward Islam?"

Of course a Muslim will want all Jews to become Mohammedan, for them to be Mohammedan Jews. He will want all Christians to become Mohammedan Christians. How could one think any other way? Now if a Jew says, "I believe in the Prophet Moses (pbuh) and the Prophet Abraham (pbuh), but not in the Prophet Noah," what would that be? Then he has nothing to do with the faith. Since a Jew must believe in all the prophets, what must he say? He will say, "I believe in Noah, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and all the prophets, the Prophet Moses (pbuh) and I also believe in the Prophet Muhammad (saas)." If they exclude just one prophet, Allah will not accept it. They are all prophets of Islam. In the same way we abandon the faith if we reject one prophet, so would a Jew abandon religion by rejecting one prophet. One may hope for Allah's forgiveness if one acts out of ignorance, but this would still be a very wrong thing to do. If a Jew accepts the Prophet Muhammad (saas) as a prophet he lives as a Mohammedan Jew. It's not possible unless he is a Mohammedan. Can we be Muslims without being followers of the Prophet Moses (pbuh)? Can we be Muslims without following Jesus and Noah? Or Jacob or Abraham (pbuh)? In the same way, they cannot truly be Jews or Christians without also being followers of the Prophet Muhammad (saas).

MISS DIDEM: May I read a verse?


MISS DIDEM: Verse 285 of Surat al-Baqara.  I seek refuge with Allah from the satan. "The Messenger believes in what has been sent down to him from his Lord, and so do the believers. Each one believes in Allah and His angels and His Books and His Messengers. We do not differentiate between any of His Messengers. They say, 'We hear and we obey. Forgive us, our Lord! You are our journey's end'."

ADNAN OKTAR:  Well my brother, is this not quite explicit? What is the Prophet Muhammad (saas) the prophet of? If we ask this to a sincere Jew. The prophet of what? The prophet of Islam. Which Jew can ever deny that he is a prophet of Islam? Which Christian can honestly deny that?  Is that possible? He espouses the Oneness of Allah and describes paradise and hell, through revelation, with all details. He tells about destiny and the credo perfectly. His coming is revealed in the Gospel and the Torah and he appears, the prophet of Islam. What happens if you say you reject him? They rejected them in the past. The Torah speaks of those disasters. They martyred the prophets, and that is a disaster. Attempting to martyr a prophet and rejecting him are the same. If someone wants to be a good Jew, we never ask him why he chooses to be a Jew. We say we want them to be Jews properly. And in order to be a proper Jew you have to be a Mohammedan. That is it. Open the Torah and read it. You can identify and recognize the parts that conflict with the Qur'an. Right? Feel the love as is due. What will you be asked in the Hereafter? Did you believe in the Prophet Moses (pbuh)? Did you believe in the prophets? Did you believe in the prophets I sent? How can he explain it if he says he did not believe in the Prophet Muhammad (saas)? What will he say if Allah asks what proof he had? Well tell it to me, what can one say? What can one say in good conscience? Let him say, "I did not believe he was a prophet in such and such regard." But he is obviously a prophet. So when he believes in our Prophet, he believes in the Oneness of Allah. What is the precondition for being a Jew? To believe in the Oneness of Allah, isn't that right? He says, "you must not steal". So one does not steal. He says, "you must not kill unrightfully", so one does not kill. One prays, fasts and gives alms and obeys all the commandments in the Torah. So what is left? What else is there in order to be a Jew and that one is not doing? What has he left undone? Let him heartily love and embrace the Prophet Moses (pbuh). Let him love the Prophet Abraham(pbuh) vigorously. Would one stop loving the other prophets because one loves the Prophet Muhammad (saas)? No, one loves them even more. Allah says in the Qur'an one must love them even more. What does He tell the Christians? He says He has made Hazrat Maryam superior to all other women, so you must love her even more. Almighty Allah praises the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) enormously. And He says all the People of the Book will obey him. What a great honor this is. Right? Allah says He raised him into His Presence. What a great honor, what a great beauty. So what is there that conflicts with Christianity? He says Allah is One, you say He is three. But He says Allah is One. How nice. What more can you want? Would you be satisfied only if the Qur'an said He was three? It is nice if it says He is One. The logical thing is for Allah to be One. How can there be three Allahs?

Ms. CEYLAN: They don't honestly believe it, Master, do they?

ADNAN OKTAR: They don't believe it anyway. Which Christian can believe in Allah being three? Not one believes it. We have spoken to them and none of them believes it. I have never seen one who believes it. How can anyone believe in that? The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) sleeps, eats, prays to Allah and falls ill. How can Jesus be Allah? He prays in the Gospel. "O Lord, protect me," he says. He prays for goodness. He worships Allah. Does Allah worship Allah? May He forbid! Does Allah fast for Allah? You say he is Allah, but there it is said that he fasts. Their beliefs are clearly false. Therefore, obeying the Qur'an makes them better Christians, better Jews. It is senseless to regard this as a disaster. Are you depriving them of their faith this way, or are they perfecting it? You are perfecting it. We have never said that Judaism is bad. Only that it has deficiencies. I say you must make those deficiencies good. I say, love Allah more, be closer to Him and more punctilious in your observances. Be closer to Allah. That is reinforcing Judaism. Not diminishing it. So they don't need to be afraid of losing their faith. Islam propels you further towards your own faith. You live it more perfectly, you become an even more perfect Christian. It is not like telling communists to abandon it and become Muslims. We are telling them to perfect what they already have. Equate them.. Not at all. For example, I talk about bigots. Who are they? People whose ID describes them as Muslims, but who have nothing to do with Islam. They are enemies of Islam. Do I regard them as equivalent to communists? No. They are different. But how am I supposed to list them when I speak? Should I refer to them as class 1, class 2 and class 3? The sense is clear in the course of the speech. They are obviously not equal. The Qur'an differentiates between them anyway. So it is not up to what I say. Allah differentiated between them. The People of the Book are differentiated from the rest. Yet, Allah lists the idolaters, Christians and everyone else, and Muslims as well. Allah refers to Muslims and to the idolaters too. Allah does not say that one group is first class and should be separated; there are no such statements in the Qur'an. We understand it anyway. We can recognize them from their attributes.

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