Preaching religion to people from all strata is a characteristic of ours

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9 TV dated January 11th, 2012

ADNAN OKTAR: This one says; "I have made a wide scaled research, I looked at people in the university and also in my own circle, people who oppose wearing headscarves, who give a fierce fight against those wearing headscarves are all the same people with those who criticize the clothes of the ladies appearing in your program."

Do you know where this irritation stems from? Those who preach Islam, did not approach to the living spaces of these people. They were thus comfortable. Muslims, some of our religious brothers and sisters, were not that much seen in many places such as bars, night-clubs, beaches, places of amusement, ball rooms, clubs, most of the associations, the districts that mostly high society people live in, high end restaurants, etc. I am saying this for some certain places. I am saying this for some certain places and some certain people. We have thus entered their living spaces. That is why they are very, very irritated, that is the case. You cannot severe the connection we have, the connection I have with those people. They are very dear to me; they are our immaculate children, immaculate sisters, they are our pure beloved ones. We respect their beliefs and we also respect their clothes. Those are under no circumstances obstacles for us to preach Islam. All of them are 100 % immaculately clean Muslims. You are struggling in vain, let me kindly say this much. Since using the word wallowing would be a bit harsh so I wouldn't want to use that word. I mean one of the good characteristics of mine is that I am quite determined; let me explain it like this. I am a very driven person. I do not know if you have looked into my past.   

2012-05-15 14:57:18

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