Organ donation is a very good deed

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9 TV dated January 7th, 2012

ADNAN OKTAR: "My question is; is donating our organs after we die a sin? Or is it not?" Why should it be a sin? You would be doing a very good deed. How nice this is, a person will be seeing [thanks to you]. Oh, what a nice thing this is. How nice.

But they sometimes take organs while the person is still alive my brother, that is weird, that is not acceptable. The man is still alive yet some of them say; "well, let us take his organs!" Well that is like a horror film. That is not acceptable. The person should be brain dead. His brain should completely fail, he should be brain dead. Is that understood? If one's brain is thus gone, then it is okay, that means that person is really dead. The body might have twitches, there might be a movement in the body but the brain should clearly be dead. Or sometimes the brain is terminally damaged , may Allah forbid, completely gone, etc. That is okay then, that person is then technically dead. Then that is acceptable. You can then harvest his liver and transplant it to another person, you can get his eyes and transplant them, how nice that is, you can get the heart and transplant it to another person. You would be doing a great deed. How nice. If you leave those organs there they would all be decomposed in the soil anyway, instead of being decomposed they would go to another person, what is wrong in that?

Ms. CEYLAN:  Master, once the father of one of our friends was in a coma. They have consulted you as to how they should act because the hospital wanted to take off his plug [to the life-support]. And you have said "no."

ADNAN OKTAR: A lady friend of mine came to me saying; "Master, all my family gave their consents to take off my father's plug to the life-support in America. They all have signed the consent papers. They are waiting for my signature. If I sign too, they will take off his plug." I said "No way! How can one's plug to the life-support devices be taken off? You would be committing a murder, may Allah forbid. Why should the plug be taken off? His brain is still alive. His liver or internal organs might fail. That is okay. So what if they did?  His brain is alive!" I didn't approve. And after 15 days, the man got better. He came back to Turkey and he was on his feet, masha'Allah. Had I said "yes" he would have died there, may Allah forbid. 


2012-05-15 21:35:25

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