People whose moral values are rooted in hatred and loathing begin experiencing hell while still in this world


Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9 TV dated February 2nd, 2012


ADNAN OKTAR: Look, there are many web pages all based on hatred, all based on war, conflict and treachery. My brother, you must espouse love day and night; espouse endearment. Paradise is the abode of love. You will only have a brief life [in this world], then you will die and pass on to the Presence of Allah. Allah speaks of a chain of 70 yards for the unbelievers. That means they will be able to move at most 70 yards in hell. Allah says only 70 yards. One cannot go anywhere one likes in hell. They can move for seventy yards at most, only as far as that chain's length. It is such a dreadful place, such an abode of suffering. Being aware of all these, it would be a grave mistake to still instigate unbelief, hatred and anger. They must determinedly concentrate on love, affection and brotherhood. Paradise is the abode of love, it is the abode of endearment. We all have brief life spans, don't we? Allah wants love from us. What would you do with hatred and grudge? They constantly talk about acting despotically, about blood and pus. In the Qur'an Allah says that He will have them drink blood and puss. That is because they constantly ask for blood; they want to chop up the Shias, the Alewites, the Bektashis, the Wahabis, they want to chop up the Jews and Christians as well. Blood, they constantly ask for blood. Allah knows the truth, Allah says since you do ask for blood- it seems as though-since they ask for blood that intensely, Allah makes them drink blood in the Hereafter. Allah says; "I will have them drink blood and pus. That will be their drinks." Of course that is not what Almighty Allah says, but that is the retribution for such behavior. That is because those people constantly ask for blood and pus as far as we see.

MS. AYLIN: Master, about what you have just said, there are very few Muslims in the Scandinavian countries, yet they all are in conflict with each other.

ADNAN OKTAR: Well, of course, also in England they are only a handful and are unable to step outside, they cannot wander around with their headscarves. It is the same for the Jews as well, they go out to streets in secret, they are being beaten and slandered; for the Christians as well, they also are belittled and defamed. Well, make alliances, unite, protect and watch-over each other. What if they are Alewites or Sunnis; they all say "La ilahe Illa Allah Mohammed ar-Rasul Allah [There is no god but Allah and Mohammed is His Messenger]"      


2012-06-13 21:46:13

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