The soul of the person that does not put his trust in Allah would start to attack the body

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9 TV dated December 7th, 2011 



ADNAN OKTAR: Muslims live a clean life, they are clean consequently there is youth and pleasantness upon them. In disbelief a person would suffer lots of torments, I mean not putting one's trust in Allah would start to attack the weak body of that person. For instance one coughs and then says; "Do I have cancer?"  For instance there was a boy we met he said; "Master, I have a severe headache, do you think that I have a tumor in my brain?" That for instance stems from being unable to put one's trust in Allah. Of course one might think about that possibility but if that turns into a fear, into a tension then that would not be acceptable. For instance one's child goes out and he starts to think "would my child be able to turn back alive, did my child have a traffic accident? Did something happen to him?" all day until the evening he feels that tension. Worrying "Will I be able to pass the university exam?" or even thinking "will I get old?" I know many women who go and check their faces every hour in front of the mirror, to see whether or not wrinkles appeared around their eyes, on their foreheads. They even feel the pain of that. Consequently the human body does not stand that torment. Muslims put their trusts in Allah by all means, when one submits to Allah those aspersions cannot attack the body. I mean the body doesn't feel the torment of that lack of trust, the cells do not feel that torment. The cell would then be relieved. When the soul attacks the body, the body collapses with that torment; that is because the body is under the command of the soul. Soul says; "raise your arm" and the person raises his arm, the soul says "eat", he eats. He does whatever the soul commands. The soul says; "I will attack you, you are not putting your trust in Allah, I will crush your cells one by one, I will melt your bones one by one, I will melt your brain, I will put wrinkles on your face, I will hurt you because you do not put your trust in Allah." And then the body faces the attacks of the soul. The soul causes wrinkles on the face, melts the bones and starts to crush that person. "Either you put your trust in Allah, or I will hurt you like this." And that one says; "I do not want to put my trust in Allah, I cannot do that."  "Then I will continue to hurt you," the soul says. "I will put wrinkles on your face," and it does, it devastates him. Using technical means, they correct that wrinkles a bit, but then it starts to make those wrinkles again. This time the soul starts to devastate the inner organs. When a person submits to Allah, the soul would not attack, the soul would leave the person on its course. It makes the person feel peaceful. The soul almost nourishes the cells. I mean it gives them an electric for their being lively, by the leave of Allah. The skin gets younger. In the Torah it says- that drew my attention actually- "The skins of those who do not believe in Allah, who lives in disbelief.." that means those who attack Islam, ".. would be like the skin of the donkey." And the skins of those who believe in Allah, who love Allah, "I will make their skins like the skin of a child," says Allah. "I will beautify the skins of the believers," He says.  

Ms. CEYLAN: Master, we know that our Prophet (saas) had the skin of a baby even in his elder years, masha'Allah. 

ADNAN OKTAR: Of course. That child-like expression on our Prophet's (saas) face has never faded. He has had such a sweet beautiful child-like face when he was first born and in his adult years as well, and that sweetness continued even during his death. That child-like innocence on his face never faded. 


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