Mr. Adnan Oktar's comments about our jet Syria shot down

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9 TV dated June 23rd, 2012

Ms. DIDEM: Master, Syria declared that they have shot down the F4 type war jet of our Armed Forces which was lost yesterday, because it violated their air space and flew low.  The spokesman of the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs gave a statement and said; "Turkish and Syrian marine officers are working together to rescue the pilots. I hope that we will find the pilots as soon as possible and overcome this incident. It should be noted that there is no hostility towards Turkey and it was just a defense for our sovereignty. This is just an accident, certainly not an attack." Furthermore the Syrian authorities have called our Minister of Foreign Affairs and our Prime Minister and said that they were saddened by this.

ADNAN OKTAR: Well, my brother, as far as I know when there is such a violation of jets, the jet would simply be warned. I mean let us say a man walked pass the Syrian border this is something like hitting that man in the head with a wooden stick and killing him just because he walked pass the border.  How could that be acceptable? Everything has its own way of decent handling. They have wireless communication, right? Other jets might take off and inform the other party in the form of warning. And the other party would then retreat. Such things happen with Greece as well, and with many other countries. Right? For instance they enter the Iranian air space or the Turkish air space and both parties are mutually warned. Shooting them down is an abnormal act. Because there is no union of Islam, because the Muslims are all divided, those people are doing all sorts of indecent manners during such a period of dissension. What does shooting down a plane mean? There are people inside it. Right? It means directly intending to kill. "They have violated our sovereignty" Boom! "let us shoot them down!" Foreign planes erroneously enter another country's air space all the time and they are just warned through wireless communication. They announce that the other side is in violation and the other just returns without insisting. The most that can be done is to have other jets follow the intruder, accompany the jet from the sides and it would have to turn back. That is the whole point. Syria is at fault here.  Just as she is at fault with her harsh attitude towards the Muslims, just as she is at fault with her merciless, sadistic, violent manners, she is at fault here as well. These matters can all be solved through reason and wisdom. But because Syria does not embrace the concept of Islamic Union and because the Islamic Union has not yet been formed within Turkey, such pains and sufferings will continue successively, they will continue increasingly, Allah knows the truth, until the Union of Islam is established. Mistress you go on.


Ms. DIDEM: Master, our president Mr. Abdullah Gul made the following statement regarding our jet being shot down in Syria; "When you consider the pace of jets flying over the seas, it might be considered as a routine to pass through the other's borders for short distances. These acts do not harbor mal-intention and are just caused inadvertently by the pace of the jets. However covering up something like this is not possible. Whatever is necessary would certainly be done. "


ADNAN OKTAR: What is it that should be done? Well, certainly we are not going to go and attack Syria. There is nothing to be done in that sense. The most that can be done is to sue for indemnity and that is it. What else can be done? The best results would be attained through the Union of Islam, through the Turkish-Islamic Union. 

2012-07-05 11:30:57

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