Allah has created our destiny even before the world was created

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated June 22nd, 2012

ADNAN OKTAR: "If Allah knows whatever I will be doing and if I am doing everything by the leave of Allah, how come I am responsible of those?" You have done that within the moment's time. Think about it like this; for instance when I am speaking now, I am not being forced by anyone , no one makes me speak, I am speaking by my own will. But I have done this speech even before my father, or my father's father was born. If you really want to perceive this, I can tell you about the moment, about timelessness. But what is important is that you see here that you are not being forced to anything in practice. That is the justice of Allah, so we see that Allah is Just. For instance go and ask to a communist or an irreligious person; ask him; "does anyone force you to become irreligious?" He would say; "no there is noone forcing me, I am doing all these by myself". If you say that you would like to perceive the secret knowledge in that, I can only give you a sign about it. Understand it from this; for irreligious people, for those who do not understand Allah, Allah says; "they are dead, but you think that they alive," that is a straighforward verse. Allah says that they are dead, they are like zombis. You know those corpses, dead bodies, these are walking corpses. Think about them waking up from the graves and walking, this is how they are. Allah says; "They have eyes they do not see with, you think that they are looking but they do not see. They have ears they do not hear with," you think that they hear but they do not hear, that is because they are dead, says Allah. "Such people are like cattle. No, they are even further astray!" So Allah says "they are not like you would understand".  And that is the secret knowledge aspect for you. If you say that you cannot understand this either, then that would not be acceptable, you would have to think about it. Here, you see that Justice of Allah is  complete. There is the need for unbelief for us to live Islam well, for us to be strivers on the path of Allah, for us to love Allah a lot.  There is the need for PKK, there is the need for communists. If we do not struggle with them there would not be anything to be called a trial, we wouldn't be able to gain good deeds, there wouldn't be a Union of Islam, the system of the Mahdi (pbuh) wouldn't have a meaning, unbelief is certainly required for the system of the Mahdi, there certainly is the need for the unbelievers. And they are created specifically, Muslims are created specifically, unbelievers are created specifically as well. Eventually, what Allah wants is for Muslims to live in joy and in pleasure, in happiness in the Paradise all the while remembering Allah. That is what Allah wants.   Allah wants our happiness. "Why should Allah punish you?" says Allah in the Qur'an. Allah does not target punishment. He wants our happiness. But for us to be happy as is due, we certainly should go through this trial. Any other way you wouldn't be able to take pleasure in the Heaven, you would go crazy and become somewhat abnormal, may Allah forbid. You cannot perceive the profundity, the trees wouldn't have any meaning for you, the rivers there wouldn't have any meaning, the thrones wouldn't have any meaning. The meals wouldn't have any meaning, beautiful people wouldn't have any meaning. You need to go through this training and suffer so that all those would become meaningful for him. That is the whole issue. And there is no way other than this one. Think about it yourself , you wouldn't be able to find any other way.  

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