Allah creates blessings within the moment, the fact that there are reasons for them to appear should not cause people behave unmindfully


Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated May 27th, 2012


ADNAN OKTAR: May Allah give us a profound, unconditioned, doubtless faith in Himself. Once we attain that, it is all done. The whole matter lies there, that is the whole issue, my brother, there is nothing else in this world but faith.. For instance, I look at the plug and oh my Lord!  Allah manifests there. You plug something in and it becomes a fan, you plug something in and it becomes a heater, you plug something in and it becomes a cooler.  These are merely two small holes and you plug in two pieces of metal and Allah manifests from there. What does it have to do with electricity, etc.? These are all mere reasons. There is a metal named a faucet and Allah creates water in that. We say Bismillah, we reach for it and there is water for us. You know the water coming out from the rocks in the times of the Prophet Moses (pbuh), just like that. It is a miracle just like that. It is exactly the same miracle. This time water comes out of iron. In the times of the Prophet Moses (pbuh) it came from the rocks and now it comes from the iron. Coming from the dam, etc. these are all reasons. What dam are you talking about, what is that all about? They are all mere reasons. I look into the mirror, a small mirror and in every single angle Allah shows a different image, just like the screen of a television, I mean it is also alive.. The mirror is alive, my Lord! There is a movement in every single second. You move a little bit to this direction, Allah puts a different image in that, you move a little bit there, Allah puts a new image, you look into it from here and Allah puts another image, it is mobile.  There is an amazing manifestation in the mirror. I said "Allahu Akbar!" it is extraordinary. Masha'Allah. Everything is alive! For instance I wake up in the morning, say Bismillah. Allah washes me and feeds me, there is a table laid with varieties of food. You know, the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) says; " our Lord, send down a table to us out of heaven.." His disciples say; " Can your Lord send down a table to us out of heaven?" and he says; " our Lord, send down a table to us out of heaven to be a feast for us, for the first and last of us, and as a Sign from You." He prays like that. That is exactly the same. I come into the room and see that Allah has sent down a table. He makes people instrumental in that and people assume this came from the factory, the bread came from the bakery. That is not the case; they are all created in that instant, they are all created by Allah. Allah makes us eat the food one bite after the other, He makes us eat whatever we want one by one. Allah gives the feeling of fullness and you feel full. But within this beauty Allah gives scourges and illnesses as well. For instance Allah gives us leg pain, headache, pain in the eye, an acquaintance might die, something happens; these are the secrets of the trial. People stumble upon that. And right there one should beg Allah; "My Lord, teach me the secret of this trial completely and correctly, do not let me stumble upon that. Protect me from suspicions." That is because feeling doubts and suspicions is very humiliating. When one dies, the angels come saying "as-salamun alaykum" and take you by your arm. What happened to your doubts? You've had thousands of doubts and you will be so deeply humiliated, may Allah forbid. If Allah make one remember it, he would feel so much ashamed, he would be devastated. Thanks be to Allah that Almighty Allah forgives Muslims and do not remind them. Or else that would have been very much humiliating. That is because, only by looking at a watch one would attain faith very clearly. Click by click there is a Manifestation of Allah in every moment, Allah shows us the seconds passing by. Every moment is alive, the watch is alive.. 

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