Words from the Torah stating that the weapons will be abolished in the End Times


Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9 TV dated June 26th, 2012 


ADNAN OKTAR: This is from the Torah. Micah , 4:1-4 "In the last days.. " in the End Times, "Many nations will come.. they will beat their swords into plowshares" So what will the swords be changed into? The weapons will be abolished and they will be turned into plowshares. So they are used in agriculture. So it is said here that the military expenses will be directed to agriculture. ".. and their spears into pruning hooks." So again it is said that the weapons will be turned into materials to be used by the owners of the lands and gardens, or to be used by people in agricultural activities. All the material means, all that are spent in that name, that could be financial as well or any kind of materials, including steel, etc. and the technical means will be all be used in agriculture.  "Nation will not take up sword against nation.." wars will come to an end, "..    nor will they train for war  anymore.. " There will be no training, no military exercises, there will be no war schools, there will be no military schools anymore. "Everyone will sit under their own vine and under their own fig tree and no one will make them afraid for Lord Almighty has spoken." Look, "no one will make them afraid," it is said. Now the states are bullying eachother, this one intimidates that one and that one intimidates the other. The stronger one intimidates the weaker one. For instance the one with 50th degree strength intimidates the one with the 40th degree strength, the one with the 40th degree intimidates the one with the 30th degree. The one with the 30th degree strength intimidates the one with the 20th degree. Such a system has been established in the world. This perverted system will be abolished.  ".. for Lord Almighty has spoken," it is said. Yes the fig tree.. Fig and olive.. Fig and olive trees are also mentioned in the Qur'an. As you would know there is a verse addressing to our Prophet (saas); [I seek refuge with Allah from the satan] "Those who pledge you their allegiance [under that tree] pledge allegiance to Allah," says Almighty Allah.  There is a tree around our Prophet's (saas) house. And Muslims pledged allegiance under that tree. Buddha, who was idolized by the Buddhists was in fact a true Prophet but the religion he brought had been corrupted later on. He had received revelation under the fig tree as well. While he was sitting under the fig tree, he had been given Prophethood. I mean this is how that is depicted in the Buddhist resources. Through the wisdom of Allah, by creation of Allah, there is also a fig tree inside our house and my chair is right under that fig tree. I mean through the Wisdom of Allah such a branch grew up from underneath the house and got bigger and I didn't let them cut that branch off and it grew up to be a big beautiful tree Masha'Allah.         

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