Our Prophet (saas) is the most humble person


Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9 TV dated July 3rd, 2012


ADNAN OKTAR: Our Prophet (saas) is the most humble person of the world, the most loving and the noblest person of the world. Yet some people regard the Prophets as if they were the bastions of arrogance [may Allah forbid]. These are silly people. The Prophet Joseph takes his parents and have them sit on his throne. The Prophets are extra-ordinarily humble. For instance our Prophet (saas)used to take off his frock and lay it under the Christians for them to sit on it. His little grandsons, Hasan and Huseyin, were up on his head. They sat on his blessed head with their legs down from his shoulders. Their grandfather holding their feet they wandered around the streets like this in Mecca, in the streets of Mecca. Their grandfather used to do everything they wanted. They used to say; "Grandfather, I want to go there," and their grandfather took them there. Even during the prayers, they were at the attack, yet a sweet, nice attack that is. For instance the moment their grandfather gets in the prostrating position, they used to go there and sit on his head and our Prophet (saas) used to wait for them to get up whenever they like. The Companions raised up their heads and looked to see what is going on. And they are still there sitting. Our Prophet(saas) is such a sweet Prophet. That is why those types of people, who behave as if they are the bastions of arrogance, are surprised to see that, saying "how can something like that happen?" This is a beauty. We did not come here to act arrogantly, we are here to be tested. There is an extra-ordinary aspect to this world. 

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