Materials consist of the perception of the soul


Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9 TV June 24th, 2012 


ADNAN OKTAR: "If it is our brain that creates our bodies.. " this message writes.. Of course it is not the brain that creates, Allah makes something called brain instrumental in this. Brain is actually a piece of flesh made up of a handful of flesh and fat. There is nothing extra-ordinary about the brain. Brain is introduced as a reason just to avoid losing the free will of the mind. Otherwise it is just a piece of flesh full of veins and fat. There is nothing else inside the brain. Brain is just a story, nothing would come out of the brain. It is a piece of flesh full of nerve fibers.  Consciousness and the evolution of consciousness.. so you mean the evolution of the soul. Well, you'd better get into that subject as you would be done with once you get into that anyway. The soul is not something that could go through an evolution. I mean it is not tangible, it cannot be observed, it cannot be put in a laboratory. That is because you are the one abiding by the conscious, it is never the other way round. Conscious is the thing that leads you. You are not the one leading your conscious. When you analyze something in a laboratory, you do that analysis inside your conscious. It is the conscious that controls you, you cannot control your consciousness. Furthermore consciousness is a state of alertness that consist of the perfection of all seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting and smelling, that is the soul. Material is a perception of the soul. We believe in the existence of the materials because Allah tells us to believe, we accept that it exists. No one has ever seen the existence of material, there is no one who knows, no one knows how it is. The scientists just tell us that the material that they assume to exist in the outside is pitch black and transparent. I mean if there wasn't any light, we wouldn't be seeing anyway. And when there is light, it is only transparent, they say. Consequently when we look at the world, it is almost as if we are looking into a glass block.  A block made up of glass.. there is nothing else. I mean just as you look into a glass sphere, when you look at the world it is just like looking into a glass sphere. There is nothing. Just think about a glass sphere inside pitch black darkness, that is how it is. Allah shows that to us like this. And since you are obsessed with evolution, you attempt to have the soul go through an evolution as well. So you would thus be attaining soul through evolution. It is the soul that rules you, it is the soul that teaches you everything and you attempt to give a lesson to the soul. You are nothingness inside the soul. And as nothingness you attempt to give a lesson to the soul. You just are saying the knowledge that is coded inside your soul.  You there talking about evolution, etc., it is your soul that has been coded to say all those. You are made to say these by Allah. You are the slave of your soul. You cannot move anywhere. Just like being nailed to somewhere, you are nailed in it. Your soul tells you to write and you write. And my soul tells me to read and I read.  

2012-07-13 01:02:22
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