Instead of attacking each other, we should be uniting with Syria


Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9 TV dated June 24th, 2012 


ADNAN OKTAR: First of all Syria is supported by China and Russia. What does this mean? It means that it is a super state. There is no such thing. Iran, China and Russia; the Shanghai group, these are super states. And Syria is among them. Consequently attacking Syria would be the same with attacking China, Russia and Iran. They should leave aside the story of attacking, nothing good comes out of attacking. Yet uniting with them would do; the system of the Mahdi, the Unity of Islam [these will solve the problems]. They should concentrate on these. Nothing can be attained through striking and crushing. Furthermore Turkey is alone in that region. Such a thing would not work. They should concentrate on the Unity of Islam. Such attempts to attack, to hang, to chop up etc. are the plots of the satan. What should be done is nothing more than abiding by the system of the Mahdi.  I mean those who look for any other way would sink, would go to ruins. And this one has said some things in his own way. He said that the end has come for Syria. Where is that end coming? Where will it come from? Syria and PKK are in a complete cooperation. Syria is one of the most powerful states that have been supporting the PKK from the very start. They are helping them intensely n providing weapons, materials and logistics support, training and protecting. Consequently this makes their hand very powerful in their own mind. For overthrowing the regime in Syria, an alliance should be formed with the Muslim countries; Muslims countries should act together, there should be a Unity of Islam. And there is also the need for forming an alliance with the Christian world. We need to act with the NATO as well. And there is no need to shed blood or anything for overthrowing that regime. This can be solved through normal agreements through persuasion and through display of strength. That man[Bashar al-Assad] should step back with his family and children, and a legitimate government, a coalition government should come to power and then Turkey and Syria should unite. That is all. There is nothing complicated in that and it is very reasonable. There are so many Christians in Syria. We need to feel compassion for them and form a system in which they too will be protected and watched over and they too will be comfortable; that is the whole content of the matter. There is nothing like the "beginning of the end" or the "end of the beginning", etc. 

In such a war, Turkey would be left in a very difficult position. That will be an amazing material for the PKK. In such a situation PKK can explicitly become a power in the region, may Allah forbid. They would go rabid in the complete sense of the word. The industry of Turkey would collapse, economics will collapse. People in Turkey are poor anyway. That would only cause a Muslim brotherhood slaughter. Muslims would be attacking Muslims.  That would be an act that would block the way of the Union of Islam, that would attempt to block the system of the Mahdi. Leaving aside the peaceful understanding, loving understanding of the system of the Mahdi and approach the matters with the mentality of a bully saying let us hung them, chop them, break them as if it  is a war in between districts would be a grave mistake. The bullying spirit is something that exists in the human soul. But those who get up in rage would sit back harmed. Such a thing would not be acceptable. What are we to do to Syria? Are we going to go and bomb Muslims in Damascus? Are we to go and bomb the Muslim mosques and masjeeds, where are we going to go and bomb? And what would come out from that bombing? They are attempting to have Muslims attack Muslims. Are we going to be fooled by the plot of the dajjal(anti-christ) ? Such a thing ca not happen, such a thing would not be allowed. Furthermore, we will not let that happen. There will be no such thing. They should forget the war. They are playing the songs of war everywhere. But there will not be any wars, it is forbidden. There will be no war. Get it out of your minds, there won't be such a thing. 

If you take out your sword against a Muslim, you would be committing an unlawful act.  Yes, there are persecutors in Syria, that is another issue, yet peace can be ensured only through Christian-Muslim alliance. And that can be done through the spirit of the system of the Mahdi and that would be possible only if the aim is peace and brotherhood. Let us saying that you went to Syria and crushed them, destroyed them; what will happen later on? After that everyone would turn back to their homes. All those killings, all that destroying and what would you attain by that? After that, people in Syria will be boiling narghiles and have women dance. Do you have the goal of establishing the Islamic Union? No you don't. Do you have the goal of establishing the system of the Mahdi? No you don't. Do you feel the excitement about the coming of the Prophet Jesus Messiah (pbuh)? No you don't. So what is your problem?  Saying we will knock them down if we strike, we will destroy them. That is nothing like a precinct fight. Look how hard it is for the state to handle a handful of PKK militants. Even a handful of PKK militants give us hard times. Widening the fronts we fight in, having Muslims attack Muslims; such a mentality is not acceptable. Things can be easily solved through peace, brotherhood, friendship and the Union of Islam. 

2012-07-18 20:48:09

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