It is terribly unjust to denounce a religion, a nation, as the army of the antichrist as a whole


Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9 TV dated July 27th, 2012 


ADNAN OKTAR: Joel Richardson looks to be humane, but his description of the antichrist is very ruthless and a far cry from compassion and love and good conscience. It is terribly unjust and a huge violation of conscience to denounce a religion, a nation, as the army of the antichrist as a whole. There are good and bad people in all faiths. There are good Christians, and they support the Mahdi, and Jesus the Messiah. There are good Jews, and they support the Mahdi and Jesus the Messiah. There are good Muslims, and they support the Mahdi and Jesus the Messiah. The bad ones support the antichrist. There are supporters of the antichrist in all three faiths. And there are supporters of the Mahdi and the Messiah in all three faiths. People can be judged according to whether they are good or bad. But it is very abnormal and dishonest to say that the antichrist will come from Turkey, that people in the region of Turkey are the army of the antichrist, or that the Vatican is the army of the antichrist. This talk encourages wickedness, disorder and terror. But the truth is that wicked, cruel and loveless people will support the antichrist. Isn't it? The enemies of Allah, Darwinists and materialists will support the antichrist, while good and loving people who see the fact of Creation will support the Mahdi and the Messiah. Richardson may be referring to the entire Turkish nation as the army of the antichrist out of a desire to make a name for himself in Europe, to cause some excitement or maybe out of genuine ignorance. But this is disgraceful and a terrible sin. Something he will not be able to account for in the hereafter. He actually slanders the Bible by saying, "It is in the Bible." The Bible says no such thing. Does it say, "The Turkish nation is the antichrist" anywhere in the Bible? Allah would never say such an illogical thing. So Joel needs to correct his language as a matter of urgency. People around him, rational people, should warn him.



2012-08-06 16:13:31

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