The Anti-christ (dajjal) has imprisoned people in lovelessness with the Darwinist-Materialist system.


Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9 TV dated June 29th, 2012 


ADNAN OKTAR: With the Darwinist, materialist system and this classical policy, capitalist policy, communist understanding of policy, the dajjal has imprisoned people inside violence, cruelty, filth, inferiority and lovelessness; it has virtually turned the world into a living hell. We see that when we look at things carefully. For instance the man comes to power in a country, let us say, in Italy; we look and see that he is in touch with the mafia, with all sorts of scoundrels. No one knows where his fortune comes from. He is in a super ruthless and merciless state of mind. But sometimes he makes vile jokes and makes overtures. We go to South America; they all have ruthless systems formed by mafia and merciless killers. They either have connections with the heroin mafia or the cocaine mafia. They are all very dangerous types. That is why in many countries a man who plays for the first chair in a political party should be furious and should be exactly like a mafia father. The more ruthless and merciless he is, the sooner he takes charge, the sooner he comes to power. Then they turn their people into ruthless beings like themselves so the people become merciless as well. They burn and crash all their surroundings. For instance they use the high cost of living as an excuse and they attack the police with all their might and smash things up with rocks, with stones.  So they encourage such a formidable spirit of murder and then they say; "we are leading you quiet well." You are not leading well, you have turned it into a living hell, you are in ignominy and filth. We look to see if these people have anyone they love, they even hate themselves. They have their spouses, they hate their children, the child hates the father; that is such an inferior system. And then they talk about honor, about decency and then go astray. Allah puts those in shame, in disgrace; despite all their power, despite of all their efforts to conceal, He reveals their immorality every single day, their immorality is made public. Because the antichrist has found such a system, it had taken a back seat now and it is resting at its corner. The antichrist is not making a great effort at the moment, it just winded up the clock and retreated to his corner watching all this ignominy. It had established such a system that this one crashes that one and that one crashes the other one; this one encourages that one to become a dajjal (anti-christ) and that one encourages the other. For instance we look at the Facebook, an inconceivable hatred, inconceivable rage has overtaken the whole world. All they have are expressions of hatred, love for them is all imitated, all as a formality. There are very few people showing sincere love. Only Turkey has that sweetness, kindness. And you see that they are using all their might to destroy that; to break it up and to put it into pieces. That is why Turkey is the country that the dajjal considers to be crucial and Istanbul is the city it considers to be vital. With all its might, dajjal is in a dark plan to divide Turkey, to stop the Turkish-Islamic Union, to separate the South East and thus severe the connection it has with the Turkic states from the South East, to create a blockage in between and then to annihilate our nation completely.  Dajjal has called out all its elements in all countries at the moment and they all are striving with all their might. Yet, of course, the system of the Mahdi is giving them hard time as well.

2012-08-12 12:39:07

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