At the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), the Ark of Covenant and many other Holy Relics will be found

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated August 19th, 2012

ADNAN OKTAR: "He will find the treasuries of Bayt Al-Muqaddas, the Ark of Covenant.."  so he will find the Ark of Covenant, the Holy Ark. ".. the dining table of the People of Israel. He will find the ore of the tablets." So he finds the original tablets of the Torah. And when the original tablets of the Torah are found, the majority of the Jews will become Muslims. He will find the original Torah, the original tablets of the Torah revealed to the Prophet Moses (pbuh). It is natural that those tablets remained as Allah specifically had them carved on stone tablets. Why is stone used? It is used to preserve, so that they can remain intact, insha'Allah. "He will find the robe of the Prophet Adam (pbuh)" Who knows how old it is, see that it remained intact as well, the robe of the Prophet Adam (pbuh). ".. the parts of the pulpit of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) and his staff.." As you know the staff has fallen to pieces, so the parts of that staff will be found. ".. and the spotlessly white and clean gloves sent to the Children of Israel by Allah."  That is a whole other issue. That is not something known. As you know the white gloves are sacred in freemasonry. All freemasons wear white gloves, insha'Allah.     

2012-08-30 14:06:34

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