It is very surprising that people raised up from death in the Hereafter are not astonished by it

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated August 21st, 2012


ADNAN OKTAR: What strikes with astonishment is that when people are raised up from death.. Normally they should be astounded, they should be very shaken when they are raised after death. Yet they consider it very reasonable. They are not after the fact that they are raised up after death, they just say; "Who has raised us from our resting-place?" So they consider all that very reasonable.  Being in a resting place, being raised up from there and all that.. They consider this all very reasonable. They just want to learn Who has raised them, they just want to learn actual information about that. They just want to learn what has happened, that is it. This is how Hereafter is. People are not very much surprised in the Hereafter. That is why even in Hell, they conceal their remorse. It all goes on the same; those who are vicious continue with their viciousness. I mean they do not say; "O Lord, I am regretful, I am Your servant." Almighty Allah says that they glance around furtively because of their arrogance. They come to believe that situation was obtained somehow through a certain process. I mean they still do not believe that they are in the Hereafter, they still do not believe that they are resurrected. I mean -may Allah forbid- in their own minds they consider it as something pulled on them, they think that something against them is being done and have a fit of obstinacy. They have a conviction that it is an artificial trick played on them to make them acknowledge belief in Allah, so they obstinate. If they come to believe there and if they are shown again their life in this World, if they are return to this world to their friends, they believe that all their charisma would be lost and that is why they obstinate as a mule. They still do not believe, they still are stuck with arrogance. They still act conceitedly. You know such types, such types in the verge of death still denying the Existence of Allah. Doctors say "you have one month left," and they say; "I would never ever come to belief." What they are hesitating about is, if they somehow survive, if they come to belief and somehow survive, they think that they would be losing all their charisma, or they think that they would be losing their charisma during the time they have lived, that is how obsessively fixated they are. Man is a peculiar creature; Allah has created man in a marvelous way as a miracle. For instance it is really surprising that they are still arrogant and conceited.     

2012-09-10 22:14:26

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