Mr. Adnan Oktar' s message for the "Evolution-Creation" Conference held in London on January 5th, 2013

Excerpt from Mr.Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated January 3rd, 2013


ADNAN OKTAR: We congratulate our brothers and sisters in England. May Allah deem them victorious, may Allah be their Helper. The right and the honest fact is that there is no "evolution" in the Qur'an. The angels, djinns, satans, the children of the Paradise, the male servants in the Paradise and Houris; none of them were created through evolution. Allah has created them all. If one comes up and claim that these entities have been created through evolution one would be a laughing stock anyway. The staff of the Prophet Moses (pbuh) turns into a snake in an instant. That is an evidence for creation on the instant.  It turns into a regular, common snake. The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) makes a bird shaped sculpture out of clay, blows into it and the bird starts to fly instantly. That also is an evidence for creation on the instant. One of them was a reptile and the other a flying animal; but both of them were created on the instant. Consequently we can understand from this that evolution has no place in the Qur'an.

When we look into this from a scientific point of view; there are more than 450 million fossils and all of those fossils prove Creation. They are all perfect, neat and flawless fossils that have been created with a Golden Ratio. When we look at them we see that they have not been subjected to any change and that the fossils have exactly the same characteristics with the living beings of our time. 450 millions of evidence are satisfactory in the perfect sense of the word. In the face of this, the absence of one single fossil that would prove evolution in the sense the evolutionists claim is another evidence. Apart from that one single protein molecule cannot come into existence through coincidences. For the formation of a protein molecule, another protein molecule is required. What does this mean? This means the probability of a protein molecule being formed by coincidences is zero. Due to these reasons, evolution is technically impossible and the matter is thus closed. Apart from that, the existence of soul is the most explicit evidence to prove that there is no evolution. But of course for such people to comprehend soul, this subject matter should be explained separately. That is because it is a separate and profound topic.  And when they grasp this fact, they would instantly understand that there is no evolution. But then again, we wish them all success.. May Allah guide them all to the true path. May Allah guide everyone; those who are believers and unbelievers, to those who are marxist, those who are atheists, those who are Christians, to everyone, to the true path and May Allah give them beauties, the spirit of love and peace. May Allah give them a democratic soul that is respectful to science. When these beauties are formed everything will become most beautiful. I wish them all success and send my greetings to everyone. 

2013-01-08 10:51:51

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