The secret service of the UK is directing the PKK

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated January 7th, 2013


ADNAN OKTAR: PKK actually called a temporary truce for now; they are not making any attacks right now. This can be observed. As far as I understand they are in a process of recovery and are setting up a new strategy. Most probably, by getting the communists of Syria and the Iraqi communists into the picture, they are thinking about making a very strong attack.  At the moment, as far as I see, there is an intense effort in respect of breaking the resistance in the public opinion. They imagine that the people would -supposedly- say; "Wow, what a sympathetic person Abdullah Ocalan actually is! What a nice person he is! Look, he wants the goodness of our nation, he is putting an end to terror and anarchy. Even the Prime Minister failed to put an end to it, the government couldn't do it, the world couldn't stop it, but Abdullah Öcalan is actually putting an end to it. So this man is the real leader." PKK is masterminding a plot to create such a mindset, in its own twisted way and this is very unskillfully and very badly done. And this plot is masterminded in the English secret service. This is a project, a plot put forth by some "vigilant" secret service members of the UK. And now many people are looking at this plot with hope. As a matter of fact what should be done here is to develop an attitude against this very quickly through scientific struggle and to alert the people. All parties should cooperate, all Muslims should cooperate. We should not let any kind of separation or break up, we should want the unity of Islam altogether in harmony and also adopt a worldwide attitude against PKK. Apart from this, one should under no condition believe the slackening propaganda that has been carried out. 

2013-01-13 18:46:33

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