In the End Times Muslims will come face to face with many obstacles and great oppression. So they will attain great merits at that time.


Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated January 7th, 2013


ADNAN OKTAR: We are in the End Times. There will be some people who will restrain the Muslims. When there are such people restraining you, you will start acquiring a hundred thousand merits instead of one. Do you know what will happen if there are no restrains but only support? You will only acquire one merit. Under such restrains you would acquire a hundred thousand merits. That is why such restrains, such oppressions, such threats are very favorable. The unity of Islam will be established soon. If you [then] go and give a billion liras as an alms, you would acquire one merit. But if you give a billion liras now, you would acquire a trillion merits. That is in proportion to the hardships you endure. I mean now we are waiting for the Unity of Islam with great enthusiasm and that is of course going to be very good but then on the merits that we acquire will come to an end. After the establishment of the Unity of Islam the merits you would acquire will be very few, very very few. The stronger the threats you endure, the more pressure you are subjected to, the more merits you would acquire. One says that his father hinders his way. He would then be acquiring great merits. And some say that their spouses hinder their way. They would then acquire great merits as well. Some say that their wives are exerting pressure on them. They would then acquire great merits. The Companions used to acquire a lot of merits in the beginning and then on their deeds have lessened. That was because the troubled environment of the time had calmed down. This is also mentioned in the verses of the Qur'an. Allah says; "Now twenty people among you can defeat a hundred people." But later on as time passes that changes, so the amount of good deeds acquired would be lessened as well. That is why Almighty Allah says -I seek refuge with Allah from the satan- " For truly with hardship comes ease; truly with hardship comes ease." Difficulties are very favorable, illnesses are very favorable, troubles are very favorable.. 

2013-01-14 13:59:15

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