The Qur'an is pure revelation; High degree Masons who know the essence of Freemasonry and who think profoundly know that the Qur'an is the True Book

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Interview on A9 TV dated September 9th, 2011

ADNAN OKTAR: So we look; the Gospel, the Torah and the Qur'an.. But we sincerely look into them without forcing ourselves to something. The Qur'an is instantly and clearly seen as the pure revelation. Are there four different books in the Qur'an? No, there is only one. That is for one. When we ask about the Torah, they say that only the first section of the Torah is the true Torah and the rest is not. There are very few information in the first section anyway, it is really only a few. Only the first parts are original. And about the Gospel, they say that there are four different books and "they consist of whatever it is left in the minds of those people, that is it" they say and they say that we should take an average of that. How so?.. Now we look into the Qur'an. We see that there are not four different books in the Qur'an, it is one True Book. Is it only what is left in the minds of people? No it is not. It is the pure revelation that is accounted for by the revelation clerks. And it is the Qur'an, pure Qur'an as memorized by the hafiz of that period, there is no addition and no missing part. How are the Heaven and Hell explained? Perfectly.. How is the destiny explained? Perfectly.. All the faith related matters are explained perfectly. Are there any slightest missing part? No. The acts of worship, the services, [definition of] the lawful and unlawful acts.. Are all those perfect? They are perfect. Are there any statements that could cause resentment at hearts? Are there any statements that are like superstition? No.. I mean we are looking into it without gulping something back, just being sincerely, candidly looking into it without forcing anything.. It is apparent that this is the True Book. Now if a person has a good heart, how is it that he wouldn't see this? How is it that he wouldn't see this fact? You tell me that. Just bring me some kindhearted people and let us talk to them together. Let us look into it and see how can it be possible that they fail to realize this? I for instance have spoken with the Freemasons; we have explained very few things to them but they are sincere people and they've said that this is the True Book and that it is apparent. That is the revelation of Allah. It is apparent that it is the True Religion. They have said that it is very clear that the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) is the Messenger of Allah. Well in fact they have said that there is a certain degree in the Freemasonry and that anyone coming to that degree would have to accept the Prophet Mohammed (saas) and the Qur'an. Of course.. I mean in the high levels, once they get to this level.. Those who do not know the spirit of Freemasonry, who only performs that task for the fun of it. For instance the man can be wealthy and they may make him the Grand Master, or he might be in a key position and they make him a Grand Master and give him a higher rank. The man can be a general manager somewhere for instance and they make him a high level mason. But those being promoted to higher levels of Freemasonry who do so because they have trained themselves well, because they are knowledgeable are very rare. This is what we have learnt. The masons who have been promoted to higher levels of freemasonry, who have actually received a philosophical training are certainly charged with believing in the Prophet Mohammed (saas) and in the Qur'an after a certain level. I mean if he doesn't see that fact, if he doesn't see the fact that the Qur'an is the True Book then they do not consider him to be a mason anyway. Then they say that the mind of such a person should be working some other ways. They say that it is impossible for one not to see the Qur'an if he really is thinking profoundly. That is correct. I mean if he really is a thinking being, he should be able to see it. How come such a person becomes a mason then? Right? If he is able to be thoughtful, he should be able to see this. They say that one might not be able to see this fact in the very beginning but after he advances, after his knowledge increases, after he learns about the secrets, if he still cannot see the truth of the Qur'an, then that person is not a high level mason they say. To whom have I have spoken about these? I have spoken with the leaders from around the world in freemasonry. That is who had told me this, the leader of the freemasons in the world.

2011-09-27 16:40:55

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