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Doom and Gloom in Europe

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Religion, piety is for God only. Everything about a Muslim, his whole life is for God.

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Many people think that Islam can only be practiced when one is old since they imagine that they'll lose their joy of life if they become religious.


They drove millions away from Islam by claiming that a person cannot be modern and religious at the same time. We foiled that plot.


Irreligion is quite widespread in Europe, yet had they known the real Islam they would have been very much impressed. Because of the false, traditional narrations of Islam, they keep away from religion.


God gave us very good results as a reward for our intellectual efforts of the past 40 years. People are increasingly becoming more religious.


Being religious correlates with modernism. Some people have wrongly suggested that faith could not co-exist with modernism. We proved them wrong.

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Some people wrongly think that religion should be practiced later in life. On the contrary, religion should be practiced as soon as one attains the age of reason. My friends devoted their entire youth to God.


There was a mistaken idea that religious people should not enjoy luxuries, or live beautiful lives. That was a plan to suffocate Muslims. We put an end to that.


The majority of people distance themselves from religion when something doesn't suit their interests. For example, they don't get up to pray in the morning because sleeping feels better or they send away beggars instead of helping them.

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