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Prophet Adam

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Hazrat Mahdi (as) will be long-lived, like the Prophet Noah (as) and the Prophet Adam (as)

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Those Paleolithic, Neolithic ages, copper and zinc ages; EVERY AGE WAS MODERN. When Prophet Adam (as) was sent to the world by Almighty Allah, Allah taught him all things. Allah taught him how to make agriculture, how to bake bread and how to act in the other realms of life. Allah taught them all of them by means of Jibril.

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Black or white, all people, all of us are the children of the Prophet Adam (pbuh). Treating black people disrespectfully would be a vicious shame and a grave unjustness.

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Today in history - 3 August 1492 Christopher Colombus set foot on the Americas

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New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (2 June 2016)

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New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (13 June 2016)

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The Mahdi is a blessed individual awaited since the time of the Prophet Adam (pbuh). The Messenger of God (pbuh) constantly spoke about him because he loved him a lot.


The Torah and the hadiths of our Prophet (pbuh) contain comprehensive information about the coming of the Mahdi [Moshiach]. His coming was heralded ever since the time of Adam.

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History is shaped according to the system of the Mahdi. The world has been destined to end up with the system of the Mahdi since the time of Adam.


Living an easy life without hardship, sickness and getting injured and going to the Hereafter like that isn’t valuable. Test should be difficult and exhaustive; seeing the beauty amidst intricate details is what matters. Adam and Eve fell for even the slightest trap of satan because they weren’t previously tested. Without the test, without the elaborate details of the test, it’s not possible to appreciate the art of God or Heaven. An ordinary-level test will lead to trivial happiness in Heaven. The more exhaustive the test is, the deeper the love, the better life will be. God wants a difficult test especially in the End Times. The more tough the test is, the higher levels of Heaven one will attain. If God had willed, He could have caused Islamic morality to reign on the Earth right now, but it takes time. Why? So that the test can be arduous and its reward can be greater.


The Mahdi's coming is well known since time of the Prophet Adam (pbuh). That's why the Mahdi is awaited in many beliefs which have been distorted in time.


Racial nationalism is a trait peculiar to the system of the dajjal. Hypocrites are racist. Aware that human beings are the sons of Adam, a Muslim loves everyone.


Ever since the time of the Prophet Adam, two powers –good and evil- have always been in an intellectual struggle. The movement of the antichrist [dajjal] has always been seen in the form of deep state structures.


All people, Adam and Eve, were first created before this world and then they were sent to this world.


All humans were first created in the spiritual realm [Qalu Bala], before being created in this world. They weren’t created through evolution.


The Prophet Adam (pbuh) existed in the spiritual realm even before the Earth was created and was put in Heaven and then to the Earth. There is no such thing as creation by evolution.


The Prophet Adam (pbuh) was sent to this world as a complete human being. There is no such thing as gradual development through evolutionary processes in the Qur’an.


In the spiritual realm (before time and space were created), the Prophet Adam (pbuh) and all the prophets existed as complete human beings and they make a covenant with God. The Prophet Adam (pbuh) and Eve existed in the realm of souls, then in Heaven and later are sent to this world. There's no gradual evolution in the world. Those who claim there's evolution in the Qur'an avoid the fact that people existed in the spiritual realm before the Big Bang. They should not be insincere.


Before God created the universe, He created all people in the Realm of Souls where there is no time and place, and took their promise. God created Prophet Adam (pbuh) in heaven. There is no evolution in any of their creation.

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