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Being steadfast during worldly occupations

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Not yearning for unbelievers’ wealth

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A person cannot have quality if he doesn't like his own culture. If he only likes foreign cultures, that would mean unmannerliness. That is the manner of a wanna-be. If you are unable to realize the beauty, depth and richness of your own culture, if you are unable to feel that quality and are unable to present it with quality, that means you are a wanna -be.

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Pseudo Intellectual Sycophants who Infiltrate Muslims

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The Hypocrites Are Wrapped Up in Their Previous Lives and Feel An Inferior Admiration for Unbelievers

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Using a pretentious, pedant and smarty language is one of the most significant characteristics of hypocrites. By talking about topics they imagine common people would not know or using foreign words they try to display themselves as superior to others. Actually they are simple, unsophisticated people with weak minds.


Using foreign words, although one knows the Turkish equivalent of that word, is not something a decent, noble person would do. Only those with weak souls would be impressed by that language. Ignoble people imagine that they make a splash among those weak ones like them when they use foreign, flashy words. Actually using flashy, foreign words in a pretentious manner is not a splash or a success.


One of the characteristics of Russians is that they are away from the wannabe mentality of the British Deep State.


The wannabe mentality is a reflection of the British Deep State's philosophy. People who live by this mentality possess common qualities. All these wannabe people accept the Rumi philosophy and support homosexuality. They think they can make so-called unfavorable analyses on Turkey. A common characteristic of wannabe writers that support the British Deep State is that they are Darwinists, Rumi supporters and homosexual supporters.

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