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The origins of superstitious religion of Darwinism

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The Secrets of the DNA

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The Miracle of Creation in DNA

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The signs of the last day

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What is bigotry? It is the philosophy of Darwinism. Where do you go? You go all the way back to ancient Egypt, to the Sumerians. Their reactionary views, their views based on coincidence are presented as science.

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New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar ( 10 January 2013)

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There is no mourning in Islam. If someone has died or been martyred, we rejoice that they have rejoined God

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Mourning is superstitious. Ancient cultures used to hire professionals for mourning

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Mourning was practiced by Ancient Greek, Egyptians and Sumerians. Our Prophet (saas) forbade it

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Darwinism is a pagan religion from the ancient Sumerians full of superstitions. Some of those ignorant about evolution are not aware of this fact.


Fossils are scientific evidence. A theory scared of scientific evidence is superstition, not science. The theory of evolution is a superstition dating from the time of the Sumerians.


Darwinism is not science that deserves respect. It’s a pagan religion dating back to the Sumerians that has idolized chance.


It is a silly attempt to associate the unscientific superstition of evolution dating from the Sumerian period with the Qur'an.


Evolution is a superstition coming to our time from the era of the Sumerians. Creation is science. We don't accept pagan superstitions against facts of science. Evolutionists have no fossils that prove evolution. They only have imaginary drawings and fairy tales in their hands.


The theory of evolution is a claim from the Sumerian period. Real bigotry is supporting Darwinism, which is a Sumerian pagan religion.


Darwinism, which seeks to explain everything with coincidences, is not science. Coincidence is not science. Darwinism is an ancient religion.


Coincidence is another name for superstition. Coincidences should not be presented as science. As a matter of fact, evolution is a superstition left over from the Sumerians.

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