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Love of property

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A Muslim is Passionately Devoted, Not to Possessions and Wealth, But to Allah


WHY DO WE PREFER THE LOVE OF POSSESSIONS? WE PREFER IT BECAUSE OF REMEMBERING OUR LORD. Because it has great impact on serving Islam and the Qur’an. Because it has a positive impact on people. Because people feel more love for Muslims when they witness their might.

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Being in love with Allah is something and being in love with materials is another. Those in love with materials would come for materials; they would go for materials I mean they would turn to materials. Those in love with Allah, would feel love for the sake of Allah. When one loves for the sake of Allah, he would be happy both in this world and in the Hereafter.

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New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (17 March 2013)


The goal of the Last Day is to give an immense desparation and an immense agony to those who have great love for goods and those who are obsessively devoted to this world and to make that pain settle in their hearts.

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It would be terrible to get caught up with possessions and forget Allah and religion. The house should be used for Allah, houses should be turned into masjeeds.

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Building a nation is done with love


Marriage should be made for God and should be based on love and compassion

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