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Turkish democracy can be a model for our region

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Turkish democracy can be a model for our region

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Communist China’s Policy of Oppression in East Turkestan

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The real source of democracy and freedom of expression is Islam

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Surat al-Kafirun (There is no compulsion in religion)

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Turkish model

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A European style democracy and quality is becoming to Turkey. Indeed an understanding of quality surpassing them is becoming to Turkey. This has to be accomplished without any delay.


A secular, democratic system will come into existence properly, insha’Allah. The time of oppression, the period of violence will come to an end. Insha’Allah.


Dr. Hillel Fradkin - Senior Fellow of Hudson Institute / USA

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There is a great need to make effort in order for democracy to reign in Iraq.


If we present the modern face of Islam to the people, Islam would prevail in the world.


Europe wants the Unity of Islam, America wants it as well, but they want the governance to be in the hands of the Mahdi (pbuh). If compassion, love, peace, brotherhood, decency, science, aesthetics, democracy prevails; if such a guarantee is given to Europe and to the United Nations, they would have the Unity of Islam established right away.


Serdar Turgut writes: We owe Atatürk our democratic environment.

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In our country conducting studies regarding democracy are more urgent that bread and water.


The Qur'an demands freedom, democracy and humaneness from us.


No matter what one raises an objection to, his reaction about that should be democratic.


There is no democracy or freedom in the bigoted mindset based on false hadiths.


Unity gives relief, social justice gives relief. The understanding of democracy in the system of the Mahdi, the understanding of welfare, the understanding of equality, the understanding of love and affection are far above all sorts of ideologies. It is not possible to make a comparison in between those. It is a very sincere system, one that would ensure rapid results.


When we strive for true democracy, we would come across Islam. That is because Islam and true democracy are the same. Freedom, love, peace, brotherhood, benevolence, cooperation, friendship, well intentions, sincerity, pleasantness, being afraid of Allah, loving Allah dearly, feeling love for everything that is beautiful, science, aesthetics; when we attain all these we would come across Islam.


“If we work for real democracy, we will reach real Islam because Islam offers true democracy.”

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