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The invalidity of claims regarding ''deep impact''

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The invalidity of the famous Darwinist claim that ''useful mutations do exist.''

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Genome Research Is Demolishing the ''First Cell That Formed by Chance'' Claim

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Darwinism: The worst so-called scientific deception - 1

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Qur’an Leads the Way to Science

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If scientific studies are carried out, Marxism will experience a sudden fall. Yet if the invalidity of Marxism and cruelty are not explained this disease would proceed step by step.


It is not possible to clear away the damage caused by Darwinism through fikh [the canon law], a scientific and philosophical explanation is required for that.


We are the only ones to give a scientific struggle against Darwinism in the world.


It is not possible to cope with communism through politics. There has to be scientific counter-struggle.


Scientific truths cannot be covered up with Darwinist superstitions.


Let Darwinism be taught in the textbooks of the National Education system but the scientific response to it should also be taught.


The way to peace is to convince the other side with scientific evidence.


A communist can only give up his/her ideas when given scientific explanations.


In respect of solution for terror; scientific struggle with compassion, love, reason, mercy, by putting out an effort without offending anyone, with a kind hearted approach is the key and scientific explanations would solve the matters fundamentally. Apart from that, if the other side feels like things are going on in an assertive manner, turning into a war of pride, it would be very difficult for them to be convinced. Scientific explanations and addressing the good conscience would be enough.


Before all else the brain of the communist PKK should be conquered. And that can be done through scientific explanations, convincing and prompting.


DHKP-C Working Through High School Students

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Explaining things with scientific evidence is important. That is because science is knowledge that addresses reason and satisfies the heart.


At the moment one of the most important topics in the world is scientific struggle with Darwinism.


The solution for PKK cannot be attained by burying weapons. Their opinions should be buried with scientific means.


Scientific expositions are influential on people. Talking about the miracles of the Qur'an and the facts leading to faith are influential. Classical expositions would not be effective, that is because both the mind and the heart should approve. If you do not use the mind, faith would be weak.

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