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Unity of Muslims

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The Islamic community is in urgent need of alliance

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Shia and Sunni, they are all Muslims and brothers. They are deceived by the British shadow state's plots and thus ruthlessly massacre one another. It is a severe persecution for Muslims who believe in One God and the same Book, and turn towards the same Qibla, to massacre one another. All this tyranny shows that the Mahdi (pbuh) is awaited with the utmost urgency.


The brutal enmity amongst the Sunni and Shia is an evil plot. Both are pure Muslims and of holy light. Muslims' murdering one another is the plot of satan and Muslims cannot seem to figure this out. Instead of embracing each other in a brotherly manner to remove all troubles from the world, murdering one another ruthlessly is grave iniquity.


It is not okay to have people avoiding one another's gazes, to have an environment lacking love at the iftar tables. Muslims should embrace each other as brothers and converse lovingly at the iftar tables.


God has ordained that division among Muslims unlawful. There is no blessing in division, but only affliction.


The brotherhood of Muslims would devastate the system of antichrist.


Some Muslims are friendly towards people only from their own communities: This is very wrong.


Dr. Shimon Samuels, Director for International Relations at the Simon Wiesenthal Center

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When Muslims from various countries meet, we surmise that they will advocate the rights of Muslims yet they advocate irrelevant matters.


Alberto Antonio Guani Amarilla, Ambassador of Uruguay to Germany

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God showed all the Islamic world that there is no other way for Muslims other than being united.


Idriss Benarafa, Editor Chief the Moroccan Times

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Jauhar Saleem, Ambassador of Pakistan to Germany

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Maja Gasal Vrazalica,Member of Parliament of Bosnia Herzigovina

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There is no such thing as Building Bridges

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Safet Softic, Speaker of the House of Peoples of the Parliamentary of Bosnia Herzigovona

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Mirsad Isakovic, Member of The Parliament Bosnia Herzigovina Chair of the Gender Equality Committee

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All the troubles being experienced right now would instantly come to an end with the establishment of the Islamic Union; but since Muslims do not unite, they keep on suffering incrementally.


Dhiaa N. Al-Asadi, Member of the Parliament Iraq

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Ali Soubaneh Atteyeh, Member of te Parliament Djibouti

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1-20 / Total: 93
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