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Freedom of Thought

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A person who is under the influence of bigotry can’t enjoy freedom of thought; he remains under the effect of his milieu.

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Reasonable people are nice, no matter if they are from the right wing or left. It is important to have people who can communicate with one another, who can share their opinions.


Turkey should be a country in which people from all walks of life can live altogether in peace.


The Quran protects rights, freedoms

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Turkey is a modern country, one in which people live freely as they like. We don’t accept any backwards steps regarding our modernity.


Doom and Gloom in Europe

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People often side with people they consider to be strong. This must not be the criterion to adopt an opinion.

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Some people remain under the influence of mass psychology. Many people are led by a single person’s opinion. Free opinion is rare and precious.


I am open to all ideas. I respect everyone’s ideas and beliefs as long as they don't support violence.


It is not right to be fixated on an idea. If there is goodness in one thing, then it would be right to go towards it.


The main principle of Freemasonry is freedom of thought, respect for ideas, peace, friendship and brotherhood. Yet not every Mason can match that level of refinement. Surely there can be ignorant people among Masons that don't respect ladies and all humans in general, or who have no respect for art or refinement.

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