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All is good for a believer

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Allah protects those who follow His path

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A blessing for the souls of all Muslims

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Adnan Oktar: Let’s apply to authorities for the abolishment death penalty in Bangladesh

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According to Islam, to the Qur’an, it is wrong to grieve for a martyr. A true believer is proud of martyrdom.


A martyr is guaranteed to go to Heaven. It’s wrong to cry for a person that is in Heaven. Everyone should be happy about martyrdom.


A lady who was subjected to harassment or rape has no reason to feel shame. She has not done anything wrong. The one that should feel shame, that should be punished, is that repulsive criminal.


A person with no love or fear of God doesn't feel remorse. However, believers regret their mistakes with fear that they could lose God’s love.


A Darwinist- materialist education leads young people to believe that their lives are meaningless. When they wrongly believe that it is the case, they live only to survive. As a result of Darwinist education, young people stop seeking love, brotherhood and kindness. They lose their joy of life.


As I’ve always said, Alawites are great people. They are artistic, wise, deep and they are against radicalism. They are people of love.


A noble person wouldn't get spoiled when they are praised. But some people are erratic and can get unstable when they are praised. Getting spoiled and acting out of control when praised is a form of mental disease; it is a character flaw. A loving person that loves God, that fears God, on the other hand, is always reliable and levelheaded. That person would never get spoiled when praised.


A beautiful character will make a person physically more beautiful, too. For example, a kind, smart woman is naturally very attractive.

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Arab, Turkmen or Kurd, it doesn't matter. Whoever comes from Syria as refugees, they are more than welcome. Turkey will lovingly host them all.


All religions and many languages must be taught at schools. If a person doesn't know the religion of their society, it's a loss for that person.


A person who realizes that destiny moves like a filmstrip and watches it with respect will live a life of peace and tranquility.


A conscious, sincere person will never go to hell.


According to Islam, the attacks on churches in Egypt is tyranny. All places of worship should be protected by Muslims. Our Muslim brothers and sisters all around the world should protect and stand by the People of the Book and protect their holy places.


A person who trusts in God will always be successful, even when they are alone. The Messenger of God was an orphan, but he became the sultan of sultans. God does not leave a person alone if they sincerely love God. God will also make sure that such person meets good people.


Another beauty of Islam is that it changes one’s personality for the better. In Islam, the stingy become generous, the timid become brave.


According to the Qur’an, ladies should wear hijab only if they don't feel safe. And they are to decide if it’s necessary to wear hijab.

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1-20 / Total: 3410
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