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Artistry of Allah in the spider’s web


America’s policies that are harming itself

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America and Europe initiated air strikes only when ISIS launched attacks on the PKK

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Ahmed Makki, Syria

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Abdul Khaliq Ebrahim Allie, Muslim Judical Council, South Africa

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Ahmed Ibni Avan, Muslim Scholar, Malaysia

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A message from Hong Kong


A message from Hong Kong


All our devout, reasonable Kurdish brothers should remain in their homes and avoid getting into any kind of commotion.


A Secure Zone Must Be Established at Once


An intellectual struggle based on education is required to bring an end to terror


An intellectual struggle based on education is required to bring an end to terror


An intellectual struggle based on education is required to bring an end to terror


After the 2080's the fiercest Pharoahs and anti-christs will start enveloping the world. Such evil that would even startle the Pharoah, the antichrist, Nimrod. Every single one of them will be Nimrods on their own, they will all be anti-christs. The world will turn into Hell and it would become uninhabitable.


Alexander Rutskoy, Former Vice President of Russia

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A Secure Zone Must Be Established at Once on the Turkish-Syrian Border


As they strike ISIS, ISIS would become the sole power in the region. A demolished building would be a perfect position to hold for ISIS. When you wreak havoc in the region, there would be nothing left behind to call the state of Iraq or Syria.


A religious CHP will be successful. A religious CHP will be the ornament of Turkey. They should be sure that they would come to power with at least 70 percent of the votes. You are talking about Marx; you should also be talking about Bediuzzaman and Suleyman Hilmi Tunahan. Only then you would be successful. Anything other than that would not work.


Archbishop Elias Chacour – Mar Elias Educational Institutions, Galilee, Israel

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A New Turkey after the election

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1-20 / Total: 2164
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