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Another Ramadan for Muslims amid sufferings

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Atheistic Freemasons and those who join Freemasonry to pursue material goals actually have nothing to do with Freemasonry. Right now, atheism is on the decline in Freemasonry and its influence is weakening.


A believer should never use a destructive tone towards anyone, especially towards other believers. It is important to always have a constructive manner.


A water cup is a significant Masonic symbol that is found thousand-year-old inscriptions and wall pictures. It refers to the age of Aquarius. Ancient civilizations also mentioned that the salvation of the humankind would take place in the age of Aquarius. We live in the age of Aquarius right now.


After we exposed the British deep state, the Turkish people and intelligentsia saw the clique of hypocrites used and supported by the British deep state.


A Russia-Turkey alliance will be an effective power against the British deep state. The USA, Iran and China should join, too.


All the prophets were the most progressive, modern personalities of their times. It is irrational to regard modernity as a bad thing.


A government without an ideological basis cannot stay strong. In Turkey, the right wing is always successful, because we destroyed the ideological basis of left wing politics.


According to the report prepared by the British deep state, "Rumism is the best method to control Muslims"

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Anything that is not specified as unlawful in the Qur'an is lawful

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Altug Berker’s lecture during the International Conference on the Origin of Life and The Universe-2 held by TBAV (Technics & Science Research Foundation)

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About the Big Bang

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About Mr. Adnan Oktar's works

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A single ear of wheat takes great pains to mature. It collects water, vitamins & minerals from soil. Not even a single bit of it should be wasted. If the waste in the world was stopped today, there would be no such thing as hunger.


According to the hadiths and the statements of the great Islamic scholars, this is the last century for the Mahdi and Jesus to come. We will see both in this century.


According to the hadiths, Hazrat Mahdi will turn those hearts that are like coal into diamonds with love.


A big part of the right wing conservative media does not openly express the fact that we all have been created from Adam and Eve. Knowingly or not, a big part of the right wing media carry out evolutionist propaganda. Since a great portion of the conservative right wing assume that Darwinism has a scientific basis, they admit defeat from the outset and fail to give its due scientific response.


Anger has a satanic lure. One shouldn't be tempted by it. God tells believers to refrain from anger.


Anger will cloud judgment. This is actually an instant punishment for anger. Anger physically hurts the person who relishes it.


A person who doesn't have a righteous cause to work for is an empty person.

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21-40 / Total: 3369
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