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41-60 / Total: 1999

Allah: The Closest and Truest Friend


A statement by the head of the [Turkish] Religious Affairs Department, that young people are not being raised properly, shows that the only solution is the system of the Mahdi (12.01.2014)

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All Jews will become followers of Muhammad when the Mahdi finds the sacred relics belonging to the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) and the Prophet Moses (pbuh)

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Adnan Oktar:"Let Us Convey Urgent Aid to Yarmouk"

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America can bring peace to the Middle East with cultural activities, by supporting the system of the Mahdi (08.01.2014)

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All false Mahdis will be rendered ineffective by God, they will all serve Islam but they will all be ineffective. God will open the way of the real Mahdi (pbuh) and the Mahdi (pbuh) will appear.


All formations, all ideas that are against the system of the Mahdi are bound to fail no matter where they are.


A solution in Syria will come about through the logic of the system of the Mahdi, not the crazed logic of Assad (07.01.2014)

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A Path to a New Iran? Hopefully


Anyone Can Say 'Allah', Not Only Muslims


A ‘Muslim Union’ is the Need of the Hour


Anyone Can Say Allah, Not Only Muslims


An understanding of Islam full of love and affection, one that advocates freedom should be adopted against radicalism. Only then the world could be at ease.


Almighty God warns the ummah; "If you do not unite, if you do not gather around a leader, I will ruin you. You will lose all your power if you fall out with each other. But otherwise I will give you victory, help, beauty and dominion." Muslims are to choose one of those two.


A tone that will do harm to our brotherhood and unity is unacceptable (01.01.2014)

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Anyone Can Say 'Allah', Not Only Muslims


Adnan Oktar "Calming troubled waters is a duty on every Muslim."


Adnan Oktar: We will reconcile the AK Party and Fethullah Gulen’s Community (19.12.2013)

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An Urgent Call for Aid for the People of Syria

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Adnan Oktar: "Let us make peace and unite so that the world will turn into Heaven on earth”

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41-60 / Total: 1999
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