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Believing in the coming of Moshiach (Mahdi) is a pillar of faith in Judaism

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British deep state's anti-Turkish propaganda tradition continues

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Big fish do not necessarily eat little fish

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Be it a Muslim, Christian or a Jew; if any of these people deny any prophet, they will divorce themselves from religion.


Both Turkey and Russia are against the separation of Syria. It is the right policy to protect the territorial integrity of Syria.


Because there are many crowded masses of people full of resentment in other countries, it's easy to separate them. This will not happen in Turkey.


Both at time of Prophet Solomon (pbuh) and our Prophet (pbuh), the quality and beauty of Muslims made a great impact in communicating Islam. Those who see the beauty, quality, courtesy and joy of Muslims will embrace Islam in delight. A lack of quality would undermine Islam from within.


Being intimidated by threats does not befit Muslims as they are courageous and resolute. Muslims do not give up their efforts in the way of intellectual struggle when they are under threat.


Bujar Nishani, President of Albania

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Being against a community as a whole is unacceptable. A Muslim only dislikes the one who oppresses and his struggle is against oppression.


Because hypocrites target the most devout believer, they always bother prophets, messengers and the leaders of the time.


British Shiism is determined in causing discrimination between Shia and Sunni. Its followers incite hatred. Nobody should agree with its indoctrination.


Being crazily in love with God is a great honor for a believer.


Bringing “The Age of Muslim Wars” to an end and ushering in a new Golden Age

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Beaver Dams as Engineering Projects

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BBC News and Darwinism's biggest conundrum: How did life begin?

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BBC News and Darwinism's biggest conundrum: How did life begin?

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Believers restrain their anger

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Being honest, kind and compassionate is only possible through religion. A person who believes he will be dead and lost does not use willpower to be honest and good.


Because the sedition is so huge, we need to crack down the British deep state and its structures in the intellectual sense.

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1-20 / Total: 1050
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