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Bacteria did not turn into Charlton Heston one day (24.11.2013)

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Bashar Assad and his violence has been related in the hadith (22.11.2013)

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Building Bridges Gateway program with our guest Dr. H. Ali Yurtsever - President, The Rumi Forum and Professor at Georgetown University & Ms. Romana Manzoor - Interfaith and Events Coordinator , American Islamic College (Jun 19, 2013)

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Bediuzzaman says; "Overdoing anything would be extravagancy." Meaning it would be excessive. "But overdoing "keeping in contact with each other" is perfection." Keeping in contact means seeing each other, having discourses, making contact and overdoing these is perfection, he says. Muslims should overdo in keeping contact, insha'Allah. They should meet each other frequently.


Being based on a very strong belief system is a specialty of the system of the Mahdi. That is the reason why it is invincible. Policy should be installed upon a very strong basis of faith. Strong political maneuvers are of no value. Systems based on strong political maneuvers are bound to be destroyed, they definitely fail. This should not be forgotten.


Being Kurdish is a matter of pride, it is a beauty. Our Kurdish brothers and sisters are very dear to us with their beautiful morality, with their personalities, their sincerity, their humility, hospitality and piety.


Banning books is a disgraceful act.


Both Shia rigidity of certain Muslims and Sunni rigidity of certain Muslims stem from traditional Islamic sources which are known as reliable although they are infested with many superstitions.


Being the Mahdi is not like a post to be claimed. Hazrat Mahdi(pbuh) will constantly refrain from it.


Being searched for will be one of the characteristics of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).


Bülent Arınç: It is immoral to Categorize Women according to their Attire

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Building walls means building prisons. Prisons gripe one's soul. There are prisons, walls in the Hell. We do not want walls in this world. We do not want prisons. At the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) all walls will be demolished. All prisons will be demolished. Everyone will be in a festive mood.


Building Bridges Gateway program with our guest Dr. Rupert Graf Strachwitz - Founder and Director - Maecenata Institut a.d. Humboldt Universität zu Berlin (Oct 29, 2013)


Boredom disappears with faith and submission to God (27.10.2013)

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Building Bridges Gateway program with our guest Prof. Dr. Hans Köchler, President - International Progress Organization (Oct 19, 2013)

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Both the People of Ar-Raqim [Inscription] and the People of the Cave consist of young people. The People of Ar-Raqim are the students of the Prophet Jesus Messiah (pbuh) and the People of the Cave are the students of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).


Being in a race in good deeds, being in a race in respect of goodness opens one's mind. It brings about abundance, radiance and beauty.


Building a New Civilization


Bashy Quraishy, Secretary General - EMISCO -European Muslim Initiative for Social Cohesion – Strasbourg

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Being against anarchy and terror does not mean being sheepish. Advocating anarchy is savagery.

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41-60 / Total: 911
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