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Can Destiny be Explained by Science?

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Cave paintings refute Darwinism

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Christians are celebrating the birth of Prophet Jesus. There is nothing in this that could bother Muslims.


Churchill said that he enjoyed every second of war. This philosophy reflects the mentality of the British Deep State. The entire Middle East and the Islamic world are currently suffering due to the horrific policies of the British Deep State. This is a clear fact.


Chatham House is an implementor of the Greater Middle East Project. Those who wish to make Muslim communities transparent should start with Chatham House.


Children should be raised with the knowledge of and faith in God

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Counter bigotry through knowledge and wisdom

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Cyprus is our own land; we would never give away our lands and agree to any such agreement. We want amity to exist in Cyprus; there should be no border between the two peoples. Greece and Southern Cyprus should not make illogical demands under the influence of British Deep State.


Can Order Come out of Chaos?

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Condemning cannot defeat terror. The solution lies in ending unilateral Darwinist education that considers human beings as animals. Speaking about the miracles of the Qur'an and making efforts for the realization of the Islamic Union are essential in defeating terror.


Cologne Fossil Exhibition

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CIA and MOSSAD, to a large extent, are under the control of the British Deep State

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Constantly giving thanks for blessings

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Chatham House is an organization that is in direct contact with the British Deep State. We should beware accordingly.


Creating an economic crisis by way of raising the value of the Dollar is an easy task for the British Deep State. It only requires them to activate a few institutions.


Christians, Jews and irreligious people will all be a part of the Islamic Union. They will all live in ease and at peace.


Chatham House does not regard the PKK as a terrorist organization; far from it, it supports the PKK. It is wrong for our politicians to be in close contact with Chatham House.


Changing the educational system must be a top priority for Turkey. To do that, first the one-sided Darwinist education should be ended.


Crying is an important weapon for hypocrites. Joseph’s brothers tried to martyr Prophet Joseph [pbuh] and tried to cover it up by crying.


Claiming that the incredibly complex life is a result of chance is the biggest flaw of logic ever seen in history.

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1-20 / Total: 1158
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