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Copenhagen Fossil Exhibition

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Copenhagen Fossil Exhibition

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Copenhagen Fossil Exhibition

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Condemnation will not end terrorism. The solution to terror lies in putting an intellectual end to Darwinism which, in a twisted way, regards man as an animal.


Coincidences are not science. It is the worst kind of superstition. Claiming that insects, fruits, humans, mitochondrium, cell membrane have all came into existence through coincidences is an insult to human intelligence. Ignorance is the weapon of Darwinism. Darwinism cannot resist knowledge and is always defeated.


Consciousness and the senses are heightened in Heaven. Compared to the sharpness of senses in Heaven, the life of this world is like a dream.


Children are entrusted to us. May God give them all health, wellness and long, blessed lives.


Children are the joy of this world. There will be children everywhere in Heaven as well, and will be the joy of Heaven, as well.


Cruel treatment of animals should be severely punished. A person who tortures animals that have no means of defense, is a threat to people, too.


Characteristics of Prophet Abraham's (pbuh) tribe

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Congratulations to the Muslims all around the World on the occasion of greeting Ramadan

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Congratulations to the Muslims all around the World on the occasion of greeting Ramadan

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Churchill, who destroyed the Ottomans and drew the map of the Middle East on paper, is not someone to be praised from the viewpoint of our nation.


Churchill was a racist and a fascist. He regarded Turks, Kurds, black people, Arabs and Indians as inferior races that should be annihilated.


Churchill regarded the Anglo-Saxon race superior and other races as lower than animals. He caused tens of thousands of people’s deaths with artificial famine.


Christians’ belief in God and their love for God are very important and are a beauty.


Che Guevara enjoyed killing and watching people’s skulls getting blown up. He is not someone to be hailed.


Che Guevara was a person who said people must be turned into cold killing machines. He is not a role model for youngsters.


Constant inculcation and steadfast discourses are very important. When surrounded with divine inculcation, irreligious people might become faithful. 


Companions of the Prophet (saas) were very curious about the Mahdi, asking questions to our Prophet (saas) who explained Mahdi in great detail.

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21-40 / Total: 1223
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