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Capital punishment is a violation of human rights and must be eliminated


Communism is like a gum, it sticks on a person. Even if that person gives up being a communist, it wouldn’t leave him alone, it vacums him in. I mean it is like a web of a spider. When that web sticks it pulls everyone in everywhere. That is the specialty of communism. I mean leaving a communist gang is not something easy to do. If one gets out, he gets killed.


Christians unite under the leadership of the Pope; Jews unite under the leadership of the Chief Rabbi. Masons unite under the Grand Master. How about Muslims? They keep saying; "There is no need for Muslims to unite." How is that acceptable? There is something weird about that, there is something wrong. And it has to be made right immediately. Islamic Union should be advocated enthusiastically with love. Anything contrary is forbidden by religion.


Communism: Real Dictatorship


Communism real dictatorship

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Caution is needed against the tactic of Lenin, “one step forward two steps back”

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Coward politicians would always lose.


Communists’ belief in Darwinism stems from mass psychology (04.09.2013)

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Concealing the miracles of our Prophet(saas) is a great offense in respect of religion and the Qur'an; it is one of the greatest mischiefs.


China is a country who experienced the torment of Darwinism-materialism, the pain of atheism.


Conflicts in Egypt would come to an end if they desire the Unity of Islam (06.10.2013)

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Cheap computers can be distributed to the public. The internet is an open ocean. There is the possibility to reach trillions, billions, millions of information through the internet. With the internet we enable the people to access the greatest university, the greatest encyclopedia of the world. We kindly ask our Prime Minister to open the way for this.


Ceylan Ozbudak on the David Pakman Show (USA), (25.09.2013)

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Ceylan Ozbudak on Brian Lehrer Show (WYNC Radio), New York – (16.09.2013)

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Claiming that life came from the space would be denying the Qur'an.


Contrary to what is supposed, Jews are people who advocate peace and love.


Ceylan Ozbudak on BBC 5 LIVE – Up All Night (28.08.2013)

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Ceylan Ozbudak on BBC World WHYS (20.08.2013)

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Clausthal University Conference


Ceylan Ozbudak on Talk Radio Europe Spain - (19.08.2013)

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41-60 / Total: 920
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