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Differences can become richness


Differences can become richness


Does Boko Haram advocate Islam?


Does Boko Haram advocate Islam?


Death Penalty, Salvation For Child Killers

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Does Boko Haram advocate Islam?


Dr. Paul Jacob Bhatti, Former Minister of National Harmony and Minority Affairs of Pakistan

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Dr. Erhard Busek, Former Vice-Chancellor of Austria; Former Minister for Education & Cultural Affairs

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Did the Prophet Joseph (pbuh) have tanks and cannonballs? No, he didn’t. Did he have thousands of students? No, he didn’t. Did he have money? No, he didn’t. What did he have? He had sincerity. He was the Mahdi of his time. God made him victorious. What condition does Almighty God has for that? One should be able to endure hardships, one should be patient in the face of hardships and sufferings. Or else no result can be attained if one tries to present himself as if he is facing hardships yet not really facing any hardships.


Dr. Erato Marcoullis, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cyprus

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Disintegration is the gravest danger Turkey is facing right now. That is the greatest risk. All our power, all our force, all our dignity would be ruined. Our economy would be ruined; that is a grave danger. We would be torn into pieces, may God forbid, there would be nothing left to call Turkey. That would ruin the Islamic World; that would ruin all the Muslims. There would be no one left to call Kurdish anyway.


Darwinism was also taught in Ottoman times (29.01 & 03.02 2014)

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Darwinism must not be the state’s educational philosophy (03.02.2014)

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Diamonds become precious when sculpted but as a rough gemstone they do not have the same impact. This is the same with humans; when they are finely trained, when they are finely educated they attain quality. It would not be right to be too lazy or to avoid making that effort.


Darwinism is the sword of the system of the dajjal (antichrist). When Darwinism is demolished, it would be the end of the system of the antichrist.


Death penalty: Justified murder


Disunity Behind Troubles in The Islamic World


Disunity: The Reason Behind The Bloodshed in The Islamic World


Dialogue Is The Only Way Forward


Death penalty: Justified murder

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41-60 / Total: 873
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