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Every day of the holy month is filled with merit, worthiness


Eliminate discrimination against women


Enjoin right, forbid wrong


Everyone benefits from what is apparent in the Qur'an, but the parts concerning hidden knowledge, the deciphering of the Broken Letters are not known known to anyone. However right now, there are those who know about them, the experts of that Hidden Knowledge.


Education can end religious strife


Education can end religious strife


EU-Russian power struggles and Eastern Ukraine


EU-Russian power struggles and Eastern Ukraine


Everywhere would be radiantly enlightened for Muslims because they would look at everywhere with radiance, with faith. God enlightens everywhere for them, He turns everywhere into Heaven for them.


EU: An alliance based on flawed ideology


EU: An alliance based on flawed ideology


EU: An alliance based on flawed ideology


Elections in the Southeast Region Are Based On Fear

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Every attack and incident strengthens our prime minister (15.03.2014)

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Even though the people of the South East [of Turkey] are devoutly religious they are voting for the left wing. This shows the severity of the pressure applied on them in that region. Whereas the danger of the PKK [terror organization] in that region should have been made zero. When that happens, the people living there will enjoy utmost freedom and their votes would be clean and lawful like mother’s milk. But an election held while there is intimidation and an atmosphere of violence, with pressure exerted and with PKK making appearances would not be healthy.


Every Muslim must have the desire of being the Mahdi. (23.02.2014)

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Extremism is one of the reasons behind the genocide in Central African Republic (13.02.2014)

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Election Flags Taken Down in Gaziantep

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Economic instabilities in the world would completely end with the moral values of the Qur’an


Euro’s greatest need: Profound spirituality

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21-40 / Total: 538
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